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Dog Portraits and Pet Portraits by Melanie and Nicholas

A warm welcome to our Dog Portraits and Pet Portraits website! My name is Melanie and I am a professional dog portraits artists and I specialise in graphite pencil dog portraits. I work along side my husband Nicholas Beall who specialises in traditionally hand painted dog portraits in Oils.

Oil Painting Gallery

Our traditionally hand painted dog portraits gallery features a selection of recent dog portrait commissions that Nicholas has painted. Click on the image above to visit the Oil Painting Gallery to view the amazing dog portraits he paints. Everyone who views Nicholas' artwork are in awe, you wont be disappointed!

Oil Painting Gallery


Pencil Drawing Gallery

I, Melanie, create all of the dog portraits in pencil, visit the pencil gallery where you can see a selection of my drawings. Working from your photos, I capture your dogs unique personality and character. Peruse my gallery at your leisure and I would be more than happy to draw your dog, email me your favourite photo today.

Pencil Drawing Gallery


Dog Portrait Prices and Information

If you are thinking about commissioning either myself or Nicholas to paint or draw your dog for you, one of the areas you might like to look at is our pricing and information page. It gives a full rundown of the pencil drawing prices, oil painting prices and framing options. If you would like a specific quote, email us at any time.




Client Testimonials

We have received some amazing photos from our clients. Everyone has been so wonderful to take the time to have photos taken of themselves with their portrait. We are absolutely thrilled to receive them - and thrilled to see so many happy faces too! Why not pop over to our testimonials page to read more and see lots more photos.


Dog Portraits and Pet Portraits Testimonials


Hi Nicholas,
Today is Rob's 50th Birthday and he is absolutely delighted with the portrait of Sonny, it is like having him back again. Sonny died last September at the ripe old age of 16 1/2. The likeness is remarkable, from the warmth in his eyes to the wet nose! The quality of the painting is stunning, thank you so much. I have attached a photo of Rob with Sonny.
Gill Cooksley (above left)


Bespoke Framing for your dog portraits

We have used some beautiful frames for our Dog Portraits and Pet Portraits, we work along side two companies who make all of our traditional and swept and moulded frames bespoke. These are absolutely stunning and will add a wow factor to any painting. If you are looking for something special to go with your painting, we can provide this for you. To see more photos of our framed portraits take a look around our Framing Gallery.


Dog Portraits and Pet Portraits Bespoke framing


Watch your Dog Portrait come to life on our Studio Blog

Our studio blog houses all of our in progress photos of our portraits being traditionally hand painted as they happen. Clients can watch their painting come to life, similar to this in progress photo of 'Jack'. Nicholas takes photos at every stage of the painting progress so that you can watch your dog portrait truly come to life from the comfort of your chair. Each stage is shown online so that you and your family can feel part of the process and the creation of your very own unique piece of artwork, bringing to life your dog in paint. You can comment on the studio blog at any time or share the posts with friends and family on Facebook. Pop over to our studio blog to see what we have posted today.


Dog Portraits and Pet Portraits in progress


Give a Dog Portraits Gift Voucher to Someone Special

If you are looking for a special gift for a friend or relative our Gift Voucher boxes might be perfect for you. They are very handy if you are looking for a last minute dog portrait gift that looks like a lot of thought has gone into it! We can provide bespoke and personalised gift vouchers of any amount sent either to you or direct to the recipient.


Dog Portraits and Pet Portraits gift vouchers


Send us an Email!

Visit our contact page or email us direct and we will reply as soon as possible. We would love to see photos of your dog, tell us about them and any funny stories about them, along with your ideas for a portrait!

Pet Portraits by Melanie & Nicholas ~ Hand Painted & Drawn in the UK ~ Shipped Worldwide.

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