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Dog Portraits & Pet Portraits in Oil and Pencil

Welcome to our Dog Portraits Commissions website! We are Melanie and Nicholas, husband and wife pet portrait artists. We have been painting and drawing dog portraits from photos, professionally for over 22 years. Working from a wonderful garden studio in the heart of the countryside in Wales, UK. We are accompanied by our Tibetan Terrier dog called Lily and our chickens. We absolutely love portraying dog portraits for our clients every day, it is the best job in the world. When we receive emails from clients like this from December 2017 - "Thank you so much for the timely updates! You have been so great to work with and I am so excited to see the portraits". It really makes our day! We are very much looking forward to working with you and creating a dog portrait for you. Email us at any time.

Dog Portraits in Oil & Pencil

I Melanie, create all of the dog portraits in pencil. Visit my pencil gallery where you can view a selection of my dog drawings from photos. Nicholas, specialises traditionally hand painted oil paintings. Visit his oil portraits gallery which features a selection of his recent dog portrait commissions. We hope you enjoy viewing our dog portraits galleries. Please email us from our contact page if you have any questions!


Dog Portraits & Pet Portraits Prices & Commission Info

If this is your first time commissioning a dog portrait, you might want to visit our dog portraits prices page. You can follow the Live Commission page too. It follows a previous dog portrait commission from the first email with our client. It shows the photos, design of the artwork, right through to choosing a frame and how we pack the portraits. The dog painting below was completed in 2017 and is of a gorgeous dog called Marley. You can see him in the our oil Dog Oil Pet Portraits Gallery.

dog portrait process


Latest dog portraits & Testimonials

We have all of our latest portraits in a revolving gallery for everyone to see, you can also subscribe too. Visit our 2018 Latest Portraits gallery to see our oil paintings and pencil drawings from this year so far. Jackie (below) recently received one of Nicholas' paintings as a surprise birthday present, read all about it on our Client Testimonials page.

Art Studio Blog

2018 Latest Portraits

We have an ever revolving gallery of all of our latest portraits form this year. Pop over to see our oil paintings and pencils drawings along with the stories behind them on our dedicated gallery 2018 Latest Portraits »

dog portrait testimonials


Jackie received an oil painting of her two Rhodesian Ridgebacks as a surprise birthday present from her husband Neil. She was delighted and very kindly posed for a photo. You can see more photos - Testimonials »



Dog Portraits & Pet Portraits Detailed gallery

This beautiful dog painting was created by Nicholas for a returning client in Scotland. It is a dachshund called Lilly and Nicholas is just adding the final fur detail in the photo below. We love taking photos of our paintings up close, not only when the portraits are completed but during the process too. This allows our clients to really see the product we are creating for them. Why not head over to the Up Close Gallery to see more artwork in detail! Detail Gallery »

traditionally painted dog portraits


Melanie & Nicholas

Melanie Phillips

Find out about Melanie Phillips

I'm Melanie! I am the one who creates this website so the text is written from my perspective. I chat about Nicholas and his work. If you would like to find out more about me..Read More »

Nicholas Beall

Find out about Nicholas Beall

My name is Nicholas and I create all of the oil paintings you see here on our website. You can visit my about me page, see photos and read a little about my background...Read More »


Dog Portraits Framed

If you are looking to complete your dog portrait with one of our hand made bespoke frames, just let us know. Our framers have access to an abundance of beautiful mouldings which will work with your painting and your home decor. We can even match frames that you already have in your home. We can also provide engraved plaques too made bespoke for each client. Why not have a look at the framing gallery and engraved plaques gallery to give you inspiration and see which frame you might choose. Framing Gallery »

Dog Portraits and Pet Portraits Bespoke framing


Gift a Portrait and our Art Studio

If you are running out of time before a specific date to have a dog painting or drawing created - or don’t want to ruin the surprise by asking for photos, then our Gift a Portrait service might be perfect for you. Very similar to a traditional gift voucher, with a difference! Its unique for our dog portraits! Head on over to our Gift A Portraits page to find out more. You can also visit our studio and materials page to see what goes into creating a dog portrait too.

Dog Portraits Gift Vouchers

Gift A Portrait

Find out more about our Gift a Portrait service if you are running out of time to commission a portrait from us. Pet Portraits Gift a Portrait »

Dog Portraits Studio

Our Art Studio

Find out where we create our dog portraits in pencil and oil. See our easels and drawing desk and find out more about us and where we work. Our Art Studio »



Hello Melanie & Nicholas!
I just wanted to update you on was a hit! I gave the dog portrait to Bob at our rehearsal dinner last Friday and to say the least, there were tears because he was so happy and emotional.
Thank you so much for helping to make our big day special!


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