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Dog Portrait - Bull Terrier Pet Portraits

Welcome to our Bull Terrier dog portrait of Millie, traditionally hand painted by professional artist Nicholas Beall. The portrait of Millie was created using traditional medium in oils on fine grain Italian Linen canvas. Nicholas stands at his easel and paints dog using a variety of small brushes and builds layers with paint until he achieves a finely painted portrait with realistic detail. The portraits are stunning in real life, far better than what you see on our website. If you would like to have your Bull Terrier painted, please don’t hesitate to email us your photos. Also feel free to share this page on your social media too!

Bull Terrier Pet Portraits


Dog Portraits - Bull Terrier Portrait in Progress

The stages below are just a few of the photos we took during the portraits progress. We email clients the stages, or they can view them on our 'Art Studio Blog'. Clients and readers love watching the oil painting come to life and you can see how the portrait of Millie developed below. Clients can email us feedback during the process too.

Terrier pet portraits in progress
Pet Portraits in progress
Painting in progress
Stages of the painting
Stages of the portrait
bull terrier pet portraits in progress

Dog Portraits Reference Photos

We love to see a whole range of photos of your dog if you have them and are happy to share photos with us. Nicholas works from one main photos for the pose however he uses other photos for details and to get a feel of your dogs personality and character. The photos below are a few that Ashley sent of Millie.

Pet Portraits reference photos
Pet Portraits reference photos
Pet Portraits reference photos

Commission of 'Millie' - Bull Terrier Pet Portraits

Nicholas enjoys painting Bull Terrier pet portraits and was delighted when Lana Sims, UK, purchased a gift voucher as a Christmas gift for her husband in 2010 with a painting in mind for their lovely Bull Terrier Millie. In the New Year Ashley contacted us with photos a number of superb photos of Millie in grass with a hedgerow background. He asked if Nicholas could paint her with the background, however could he remove the fencing behind. It is definitely possible to amend and alter backgrounds and as you can see from the final scan above, Millie looks very happy in her rural setting. Ashley and Lana wanted a 12 x 10 size painting and we gave the option of having Millie part full body so that her face was close in the frame. it worked out beautifully. We feel that the portrait has a very contemporary feel with the composition, very similar to the photo and we feel it has come out fabulously!

Hi Melanie,I love the portrait of Millie! I think it might be best to get you to frame it so it can go straight up on the wall but not sure what colour or size of frame would best complement the colours. I live in a Victorian house with pine doors etc so that may be the best way to go but perhaps you could advise what would be most suitable. I look forward to hearing from you. Ashley


Framed Dog Portraits

We work with some wonderful framers and Ashley asked us to frame the portrait for them. Our framer knew immediatly which frame would work for them and you can see the results below. Ashley and family were thrilled with the final outcome!

Bull Terrier Pet Portraits Framed Bull Terrier Pet Portraits Detail of the Frame Painting on the Mini easel


Bull Terrier Portraits

Do you have a Bull Terrier that you woul dlike a portrait of? We would love to see your photos and hear all about your dog along with their pesonality and charachter. Visit our dog portraits contact page where you can send us an email with your ideas along with your photos too. We look forward to working with you!


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