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Our Chickens

Welcome to our page about our chickens! I am the chicken fanatic of the family. We currently have 3 Buff Orpington hens which we hatched ourselves called Bumble, Chortle and Wheezer. They are fairly old now, pretty much in semi retirement and don’t really lay eggs that often! They are pets more then being than kept as egg layers. Buff Orpington hens are very large and we have a little house that fits them in comfortably consisting of two tiers. Above is for perching with a ladder for access and section below with a covered area for them to shelter in the wind and rain with a lovely bed of sawdust so they can be cosy. The winters here are rainy and long so they need somewhere to spend the cold days keeping warm and sheltered. The photo below shows them foraging in the woodland.


I have had chickens all my life and at one point when i was younger we had over 40 hens - all with names! I grew up on a smallholding and have always been around animals, the chickens being my favourite and e used to rescue them too. One particular hen used to wait for me to come home from school every day and knew the time I would get off the school bus, she was there waiting for her corn!


Now we live in a little cottage with a large back garden, opposed to field, our three hens do just fine. Lily has grown up with them and so although often likes to give them a sniff every now and again, enjoys just watching them bumble around the garden. The photo above shows the chickens on a sunny day with lily watching over them form our art studio.


My chickens are well trained, they often stand at the door waiting for their cream cracker treats! They aren’t fussy with brands of cream crackers either, just as long as they get some daily (along with proper food of course!) they are happy.


The photo above and below are the original chicks we hatched. We gave the roosters to friends who were looking to re-home some fellows and we have our three hens left. They were all pretty identical so I'm not sure which the chick is below..but it is off the cuteness scale!



Dear Nicholas and Melanie,
I just wanted to thank you both so much for the fantastic portrait of Dimple you did for me. I can't begin to express how amazing it is to be able to see her face every morning when I look at the picture! It's the most incredible likeness - and I just can't help but stare at it for ages as I think how beautiful she looks!
It means the world to me and I'll treasure it for ever.
Thanks again
Ellie xxx


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