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Our Chickens

Welcome to our page about our chickens! I am the chicken fanatic of the family. We have 5 hens and one rooster. We have one ex-battery hen which we adopted and 4 Buff Orpington hens and one rooster which we hatched ourselves. The rooster is called Boris (a little nod to Boris Johnson) as he has sandy coloured feathers and is a little bumbling! It is very difficult to tell the Buff Orpington hens apart, although one is slightly larger than the others and always wants to go broody.


I have had chickens all my life. I grew up on a smallholding and have always kept hens. I have had a number of favourites over the years. One particular hen used to wait for me to come home from school every day. She knew the time I would get off the school bus. When I was living at home with my parents I had over 40 hens of varying breeds, 4 guinea fowl and 3 ducks to look after.


The photo above is a close up of Boris, he is a very friendly chap.






Dear Nicholas and Melanie,
I just wanted to thank you both so much for the fantastic portrait of Dimple you did for me. I can't begin to express how amazing it is to be able to see her face every morning when I look at the picture! It's the most incredible likeness - and I just can't help but stare at it for ages as I think how beautiful she looks!
It means the world to me and I'll treasure it for ever.
Thanks again
Ellie xxx


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