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Dog Portrait - Chocolate Labrador Oil Pet Portraits

The Chocolate Labrador pet portraits oil painting, was hand painted by Nicholas Beall and created as a surprise gift. We were thrilled to be able to accept the commission and make the recipients day really special. One of our very first commissions back in the late 1990's was a chocolate Labrador and they are still close to our heart 22 years later. One of our favourite breeds to portray, the chocolate Labrador Flag was no exception. Nicholas specialises in painting in oils on Italian Linen Canvas and loves the contemporary feel of the square portraits such as this one.

Chocolate Labrador Pet Portraits by Nicholas Beall

Commission of 'Flag' - Chocolate Labrador Pet Portraits

Pet portraits reference photos

Matt and Maria Beken from Canada enquired about Nicholas' Chocolate Labrador pet portraits in 2011. They had a lovely Chocolate Labrador called Flag. Mats first email to us included the text below which we were thrilled to read.

"First off, let me say that I’ve checked out hundreds of “artists” offering these kinds of portrait services online and you guys seem to be absolutely in a class of your own"

Nicholas works from one main photo for the pose of the painting however does really enjoy viewing any other photos you are happy to share with him. He loves to get a rounded view of your dog to see them in different lighting, situations, sitting, playing etc. It helps him really understand your dogs character and personality. The photo left was just one of many we received of the gorgeous Chocolate Labrador called Flag.

Matt and Maria asked our local framer to frame the painting too and the colours just work superbly.

Maria Leal Beken commented on Facebook.
Maria wrote: "Can't wait to see the final portrait of our sweet, sweet Flag. :-) Looks great so far!!!"

Maria wrote: "Thank you so, so much! I cannot wait to see this hanging on our wall! I was worried that you would not be able to capture Flag's old soul and I was wrong! You captured every wonderful thing about him. Thank you so much. :-) We are so pleased!"

Dog Portrait - Chocolate Labrador Portrait Framed

We love framing our clients photos and we work with very professional framers who provide us with the more beautiful and exquisite frames for our clients. The chocolate Labrador was framed by a local framer and you can see some of the photos we took once the portrait was complete below.

Chocolate Labrador pet portraits Framed Chocolate Labrador pet portraits Framed Detail of the frame framed pet portraits The painting framed on our Mini Easel


Chocolate Labrador Portraits

We hope you have enjoyed viewing our page about Flag the Chocolate Labrador and reading all about his dog portrait. If you know someone with a labdrador who you think might love a painting of them, drop us a line today!


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