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Dog Portrait - Chow Oil Pet Portraits

Welcome to dog portraits in oils by Nicholas Beall. The portrait of Murphy the Chow Chow is one of Nicholas' top favourite dog portraits of all time. It feels quite a contemporary painting, yet has a traditionally feel being hand painted using oil paintings on Italian Linen canvas. Nicholas is a professional dog portrait artist and feels really lucky to have been able to portray this amazing Chow as a memorial portrait for our clients family. We hope you like the portrait Nicholas has created below, please feel free to share our dog portraits page using our share buttons below.

Chow Pet Portraits by Nicholas Beall

Commission of 'Murphy' - Chow Chow Pet Portraits

Pet portraits reference photos

Gary White, USA emailed in 2014 enquiring about Chow Chow pet portraits. Gary, a returning client asked if Nicholas would be able to portray their dearly departed and very much missed Chow Chow dog called Murphy. Nicholas has created many of dog portrait paintings for Gary in the past and we were thrilled to be able to paint Murphy to go along with his collection of paintings.

Gary had a number of photos, however none of them were really spot on. So cleverly we were able to use the head of Murphy from one photo and the body from another. We ask our dog portraits clients to send as many photos of their dog as they can, at the highest quality possible. This allows us to get a good feel for what your dog is like. Nicholas usually works form one main photos of your dog, however in thisa case he jpined two together to paint from.

You can see the head photos of Murphy the Chow left that Nicholas used as reference. Nicholas painted the portrait at 20 x 16 inches in size on gallery wrap Italian linen canvas. I have added a few photos of the portrait framed along with one of the bronze engraved plaque with Murphy's name on.

Happy Client Testimonials

Gary sent us a lovely testimonial....

For a fifth time you all have provided us with a degree of closure regarding the loss of a beloved pet. Nick's rendition of Murphy in oil is stunning, that look was one Murphy gave me many times. Everything about the painting is beautiful, Murphy's color, his look, the framing. We really like the convex framing. I hope you both know that coming to you on five different occasions is a testament to what Barb and I think of you both as artists. I do not believe any amount of money can improve on what you all have done for us.
With love, gratitude and best wishes always,
Gary and Barbara

Dog Portrait - Chow Oil Pet Portraits Framed

We work with a number of different framers for our dog portraits and have framed many of our beautiful oil paintings over the years for happy clients. We were thrilled to be able to frame the Chow Chow Murphy portrait for Gary and his family. We hope you enjoy viewing the dog portrait photos below.

chow chow pet portrait framed chow chow pet portrait framed chow chow pet portrait framed chow chow pet portrait framed


Chow Chow Dog Portraits

Pop on over to our dog portraits contact page if you would like Nicholas to paint your Chow Chow dog. We would be thrilled to see your photos and hear all about your dog today.


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