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Dog Oil Pet Portraits Gallery

Welcome to Nicholas's Dog Oil Pet Portraits Gallery. All of the dog portraits below have been traditionally hand painted in oils on linen canvas by Nicholas. He is a professionally trained animal artist, painting dog portraits for commission for over 25 years. He has fine tuned his oil painting skills to produce stunning dog paintings for clients worldwide. The photo below is Nicholas and myself (Melanie) with one of his dog portraits.

dog portraits

Our dog portraits gallery images are click-able. Each one will take you to a larger page where you can see work in progress, reference photos, oil portraits framed along with some lovely testimonials from clients. We hope you enjoy viewing our dog portraits gallery If you would like to commission Nicholas to paint an oil portrait of your dog, you are more than welcome to Message Us at any time.

Dog Portraits

portrait of your dog is the perfect keepsake to give as a gift for your family, freind or perhaps for your self. Our portraits make really thoughtful gifts and especially if your dog has passed away, every time your look or just glance as you walk by, our portraits will bring back all of the wonderful memories you had with your dog. This is because our dog paintings are so realistic, yet still retaininly a painterly feel. Commission a Dog Portrait by Nicholas Beall, send us your photos today!

Dog Portraits in Detail

Dog Portraits

All of our canvases for our dog portraits are made bespoke, which means we create designs of our portraits to any shape and size. A popular shape is to have square shaped dog portraits. They work really well for single head / shoulders with both plain and detailed backgrounds.

Many clients like to have an oil portrait of their dog depicting just the head and shoulders with a studio style background. Something simple so that a clients dog is the complete focus of the painting. This can work really well as Nicholas will work with the colours and tones of your dog to create a beautiful, very natural background.

Clients most often take photos of their dogs outside, so it is very natural for them to be painted with a green grass background. This works well if your dog loves being outdoors, running free, laying in a garden or roaming fields.

If you are looking to have a background to your dog portrait and would like to see your dog full body or you have more than one dog, you have the option of having a scenic background too. Depending on the complexity of the background there might be an extra charge for this, however let us know your ideas and we can give you a quote.

We will always be able to create you a mock-up of how your portrait could look so please do email us your photos and let us know your ideas. Don't forget the photos don’t have to be of your dogs together in the same photo.

Oil Painting of Ramses

The painting of Ramses is an 14 x 11 oil painting on canvas commissioned by Karen nd her family (USA). Read Karen's testimonial below.

Hi Melanie and Nicholas,
That looks stunning and Nicholas did such a wonderful job!
We are so happy with the way it has turned out!

Weimaraner Dog Portraits Oils

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