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Dog Pet Portraits Gallery

Dog Pet Portraits

Welcome to Nicholas Beall's Dog Portraits Oil Gallery. Nicholas creates all of the dog portraits in oils and I , Melanie create all of the dog portraits in pencil.

All of the paintings you see here are traditionally hand painted in oils on linen canvas by Nicholas. He is a professionally trained animal artist and has been painting dog portraits for commission for over 20 years. He has fine tuned his skills to produce wonderful paintings for clients worldwide.

The photo on the right shows Nicholas holding one of is oil paintings when it was completed a few years ago. The portrait that he is holiday is of Banjo and you can see the photo of Banjo further down the page along with the portrait too.

All of the thumbnails are click-able below. Each one will take you to a larger page where you can see the work in progress, the reference photos, the portraits framed along with some lovely testimonials from clients. If you would like to commission Nicholas to paint your dog - email us at any time.

Taking Photos for your Dog Portrait

Dog Photography

For each dog portrait we work from one main photo and others for detail and colouring. Your photos are key in the dog portraits process. We reply on our clients taking excellent quality photos for us to work with. The better the photo, the better the portrait.

If you have access to a digital camera, that’s always going to be the best way of photographing your pet. The photographs are much better quality and higher resolution as the lenses are more superior than mobile and tablets. Having said this, if you only have access to a mobile or tablet, take photos outside in good lighting, filling the screen with your dog.

If you require some tips and hints and would like to see photos we have worked from previously, along with the artwork, pop over to our dog photography tips page. It will give you a good insight into the kind of photos we need of your dog to work from. If you need any help you are more than welcome to email us at any time.
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Dog Pet Portraits Testimonials

Dog Portraits Testimonials

We have received many wonderful emails and photos over the years from our dog portraits clients. One recent photo we love is of Walker and Mr Bones.

Sarah, Walkers mum, commissioned the painting of Mr Bones as a surprise for her son and presented it to him on a very special occasion. She sent us this wonderful email below when Walker had received the painting. If you would like to see more of our testimonials, pop over to our dog portraits testimonials »

He loves it!!

Thank you all for making it possible and getting it there in time. Everyone was totally impressed!!

S.T. Skinner,DVM, PA



Dog Portraits Framing

Dog Portraits Framing

If you don’t have access to a framer locally to yourself or you would like to handle everything fro you, we are always more than happy to do this. We work with two wonderful framing companies here in the UK with a very professional and high quality framing service.

The most popular frames for our oil paintings are the moulded and gold swept frames. There are a full range to chose from of plain and simple golds, to beautiful swept frames and the more ornate frames that you can see on the right. They can match and replicated many ornate frames too, just let us know your requirements and we can get a quote for you.

If you are looking for something a little more traditional, we work with a framer called Amanda who uses traditional woods either oiled, painted or and distressed. She has access to thousands of mouldings and we can always come up with something unique for you to suit your taste and match your home décor. Visit our framing page to view some previous commissions - Dog Portraits Framing »


landscape dog pet portraits of Kipper

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