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Welcome to our dog portrait painting of Dessie and Jasper. Nicholas traditionally hand paints all of our oil paintings in the old fashioned way. He stands at his easel with his oil paints and brushes and creates portraits for clients just like the painting below. Nicholas is commissioned form all over the world and this painting below was commissioned by a client in the UK. It was framed with an engraved plaque too. Scroll down to read more about the commission, view photos of the portrait framed and if you would be so kind and share the page using the buttons below we would be really grateful!

Dog Portrait Painting

About the Commission of 'Dessie and Jasper'

Dog portraits reference photos

John Smith (UK) contacted us in 2018 to ask if Nicholas would be able to create a large oil painting of his two dogs Dessie and Jasper. Jasper the Jack Russell was elderly but still with them, however Desise had passed away earlier that year. John wanted an oil painting of them both together as a surprise for his wife on her birthday in December.

So we booked Johns portrait into our client list and set about creating him some mock-ups using his photos. His range of photos were quite limiting however we were able to get two good head studies of them and you can see the photo of Jasper on the left that we used as the basis of the portrait. The oil painting was 30 x 20 inches which was the perfect size for Dessie and Jasper.

John asked if we would frame the portrait in the plainest frame possible so that it didn't detract from the painting itself. We offered John a number of choices and he settled on our Hampton Frame which I absolutely love, it has a very 1950's Art Deco vibe to it. Scroll down to see photos. John also requested a brushed finish bronze engraved plaque too. John was thrilled when he saw the final photos and emailed below when he saw photos of the portrait framed and ready to pack and send.

Hi Melanie and Nicholas,
The painting looks fantastic and cant wait to see it for real. Nicholas has captured them perfectly, Dessie always happy and Jasper with that glass half empty look. I will call or email you when we get the painting and everyone has seen it.
Thank you very much
John xx


Hi Melanie
My wife saw the painting on her birthday and loved it, as well as shedding a tear or two.
Once again thankyou for your faultless service, and best wishes to you and Nicholas

The Engraved Plaque

Below is a close up photo of the beautiful brushed finish bronze plaque that our engravers created for Dessie and Jasper's portrait. It works so well with the colour of the frame and you can just pick up on the slight texture of the plaque in the brushed finish.

Dog Portrait Painting Framed

Video of the Hampton Frame

I took some video of the portrait of Dessie and Jasper in its stunning Hampton frame and we hope you enjoy viewing it! Scroll down to see some up close photos too.

The Dog Portrait Painting Framed

Here are some photos of the dog portrait painting of Dessie and Jasper framed in our Hampton Frame. The frame is absolutely stunning and works very well with our larger sized portraits. The deep rich colour of the frame has been meticulously hand finished by our framers. Ever frame they create they make by hand and create the finish on it. As you can see in the photos below the frame isn’t just one simple black colour, it is made up of layers and layers of colour, hand polished and slightly aged to allow the under layers to show through in various areas. If you look closely you can see a warm rich red under colour which adds to the richness of the overall colour finish of the piece. The style of the frame is simply stunning, it almost has a wonderful 1950's Art Deco feel and will work with most home décors too.

Dog Portrait Painting Framed Dog Portrait Painting Framed Dog Portrait Painting Framed Dog Portrait Painting Framed Dog Portrait Painting Framed


Dog Portrait Painting - Dog Portraits

We hope you have enjoyed reading about the commission from John for the birthday surprise. if you would like Nicholas to create a hand painted dog portrait for you similar to Dessie and Jasper or you would like the Hampton Frame for your portraits, drop us a line from our dog portraits contact page and tell us all about them.


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