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Welcome to our portrait of Alfie and Les, created in oils by commissioning artists Nicholas Beall. Nicholas specialises in scenic backgrounds for oil portraits and is one of the only artists online offering realistic portraits with dogs and backgrounds combined. The background of a dog portrait can make a big impact on the overall feel of your dog portrait. It is important to choose a background that suits not only the dog, but something that is going to be really personal with a sentimental meaning to you and your family.

This was exactly the case with the portrait of Alfie and Les. Nicholas combined a number of photos to create a scene that their family will recognised, enjoy and cherish for many years. When choosing a background for your dog portrait, we are governed by your photos, so most of the times a simple studio style background will work best for you. This brings all the focus on your dog. However if you have take photos of your dog in your garden, however would like them perhaps on a beach, or in front of a stately home, as long as you have photos of your desired background we can create this for you.

Choosing a background that suits your dog portrait is just one of the details we can discuss when clients email us their photos and ideas for their dog portrait. We can create a mock up so you can see what the design of the painting might look like. This is imporant so that Nicholas and our cleints are on the same page regarding the portraits design and compostion before starting. This guarantees that your portrait will show your dog exactly the way you would like it to be.

We hope that you enjoy viewing the portrait of Alfie and Les and if you have ideas for a dog portrait with background please do email us at anytime with your photos. We would love for you to share our dog portraits with background page on your favourite social media, please feel free to use the buttons below.

About the Commission of Alfie and Les

Pet portraits reference photos

Kerrie emailed us in 2017 to ask if we would be able to complete a commission for a special 65th birthday and retirement present. The portrait was to be of her dad Les with his favourite dog called Alfie who was no longer with us. Les missed Alfie tremendously and so Kerrie and her family decided a portrait of them both would be something really special.

Kerri had one photo that they all loved however the background wasn’t really suitable for a painting. Kerrie asked if we could change the background and we discussed a number of ideas including a beach scene behind.

Kerrie and her family often walk on a beach local to them and so we found some lovely photos of the beach to use for the background scene. It really lifts the composition and adds space behind Alfie and Les. Keeping the boulders what Les was sitting on allows the portrait to have a divide between the car park running down to the beach.

You can see the photo mockup that we created as a design and Nicholas used this to paint from during the painting process. The oil painting was created at 16 x 12 size on Italian linen gallery wrapped canvas and was frame using our framers traditional flat frame. Les was thrilled when he received the portrait and you can read a testimonial from kerrie and her family below.


Happy Client Testimonials

We received some wonderful emailed from Kerrie and her family and you can read them below, including two fabulous photos of the portrait framed and displayed in our clients home.

Very excited to see the last scan! I've just seen your latest blog and seeing Alfie being brought to life put a little tear in my eye. looks fantastic, you are both so talented. thank you so much xx

Wow, just wow! Mum (and I) think it's fabulous!! Nicholas really has captured both Les and Alfie down to a tee. It made her a bit teary!! Just amazing. Please thank Nicholas for us xxx

Hi Melanie and Nicholas,
I thought I’d send a couple of pics of our painting hanging in it’s home
Kerrie xxxx
Dog Portraits Background


Dog Portraits with Backgrounds

If you would like Nicholas to paint a portrait of your dog in a full scenic background we would be thrilled to hear your ideas for a portrait. Why not drop us a line via our dog portraits contact page and let us know your requirements.


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