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Dog Portraits Commission Info


Dog Portraits Commission Information

Welcome to our Dog Portraits Commission information page.

If this is your first time in commissioning a dog portrait artist to paint or draw a dog portrait for you, the information below will hopefully be helpful for you.

Both Nicholas and myself have been accepting commissions for just over 20 years and are extremely experienced and knowledgeable in working with customers and creating portraits for them.

The process is really simple and if, once you have read the page below you would like more information why not head over to our Dog Portraits FAQ page.

If you would like to ask us anything or send us your photos, you are more than welcome to email us both here in the studio at any time. We look forward to working with you soon!



Step 1 - Send us your Dog Photos!

We like to see a variety of photos of your dog. Let us know which you feel captures your dog the best. We usually work from one main pose of your dog for the artwork, however we can utilise other photos for details. We really need good clear photos to work from for each dog you would like to portray. Have a look at our Dog Portraits Photography Tips page to view example photos that we prefer to work from.


Step 2 - What Would You Like?

Would you like an oil portrait or pencil portrait?
What size would you like?
Would you like your portrait framed? Would you like an engraved plaque?

For the design, you might like to have a single head study of your dog, or perhaps you have three dogs and you would like them all sat together in your garden. Let us know your ideas and we can work with you on creating a 'mock up' using your photos in Photoshop. We can show you a design, or a number of designs, so you can see what your painting or drawing will look like before we start any actual artwork.


Step 3 - Deposits and Commissions Lists

Both Nicholas and myself have a waiting list for our dog portraits. Placing a deposit can save your space. We ask for a £500 deposit for the oil paintings and a £200 deposit for our pencil drawings. We will email you a secure payment link so that you can pay online on your own secure page using Worldpay our payment provider. We accept most debit and credit cards including American Express. If you prefer to pay via bank transfer we can send you our details too.


Step 4 - Final Payment

Once your dog portrait has risen to the top of the list in our commissions list we will send you the final payment link via email. We will then prepare your pet portrait ready to start. If you have ordered a frame or plaque this will have already been ordered and arranged by this point.


Step 5

Watch your Dog Portrait Develop 'On the Easel'
If you have commissioned a dog portrait oil painting, you will be able to watch it's development on our On The Easel Blog. We post photos and video clips of the paintings process which you can comment on at any time. We also post news from the studio, updates to our website, stories about our dog Lily, Chickens and Cottage etc. So there is always something to read. If your dog portrait is being commissioned as a surprise and you feel that the recipient could see their portrait on our blog, let us know that you woudl like to keep it private. We will then only blog the portrait once it has been presented to the recipient.


Step 6 - Final Scan

When the portrait is complete we will send you a watermarked final scan of your portrait. You can then let us know if there are any final tweaks or changes to be made. We then frame your portrait (if ordered) and take photos and video for you to see on our blog.


Step 7 - Packing the Dog Portrait and Shipping

Dog Portraits Information

We pack our dog portraits extremely well. We have been sending portraits worldwide for 20 years, we have honed our packing skills down to a fine art! If you would like to see a step by step of how your dog portrait will be packed, head on over to our Follow A Live Commissions page to see the process in more detail. We send our portraits on expedited services via UPS or Parcelforce. You will receive tracking information once we have booked your portrait for collection. This means you can follow your portraits every move whilst in transit.


We hope you have found our step by step guide on commissioning a dog portrait helpful. We are happy to say that all of our customers over the last 20 years are extremely delighted with their dog portraits. Have a look at our Dog Testimonial pages to see some amazing photos that our clients have emailed us. If you have any questions or would like to enquire about ordering a dog portrait in oils or pencil, please feel free to email us at any time. We are looking forward to hearing from you and your dogs!


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