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Dog Portraits - Commission Information for Pet Portraits

Welcome to our Dog Portraits Commission Information page. Both Nicholas and myself have been accepting dog portraits commissions for just over 24 years. We are experienced and knowledgeable in working with clients and creating portraits for them. The process is really simple and if, once you have read the commissioning information page below, you have more questions, why not visit ou. If you would like to ask us anything or send us your photos, you are more than welcome to email us at any time.


Step 1 - Send Photos!

Dog Portrait

Photos for a portrait are key. We need to see the best quality photos you can send of your dog. Email them at the highest resolution / largest size. The more detail we can see within your photos, the more we can add into your portrait.

We like to see a variety of photos of your dog if possible. Let us know which you feel captures your dog the best. We usually work from one main photo and pose of your dog for the artwork, however we can utilise other photos for detail.

If you are able to take photos of your pet, take as many as you possibly can in preparation for your portrait. Ideally take your photos outside in natural daylight with a good quality camera. Have a read of our Dog Portraits Photography Tips page as it might give you some hints on taking good quality photos for a portrait. Email us at any time if you would like advice or guidance, we are always more than happy to help.

Once we have received your photos we can chat about the kind of portrait and size that you might like. Let us know your ideas. We can work with you on creating a 'mock up' or a design of your portrait so you can see what it might look like before we start any artwork.


Step 2 - Payment

Dog Portrait

If clients would like to be placed into our dog portraits commissions list, they are required to make a deposit to secure a place. We ask for £500 for oil paintings and £200 for pencil drawings.

Clients based in the UK can pay via bank transfer, debit or credit card. Overseas clients can pay via debit, credit card or Amex online via a secure invoice. Installments are available.

Clients often place a deposit to save a space in our commissions list without making any portrait arrangements, also choosing to have a gift voucher card sent to the recipient. In this instance clients purchase vouchers in line with our deposits.

Please read our Pet Portrait Terms & Conditions for payment info prior to commissioning.



Step 3 - Framing & Engraved plaques

Dog Portrait

If clients would like us to arrange framing, we can do so. We work with two amazing framers here in the UK.

Amanda frames all of our pencil drawings and some of our oil paintings. She has access to thousands of mouldings. All you need to do is let us know your style, colour, type you would like and we can email you photographs of mouldings to see which would work with your home décor.

We then also work with an amazing small business of craftsmen who create all of our handmade frames for our oil paintings. These are absolutely exquisite and a selection can be found on our framing gallery.

Engraved plaques is another option for our clients, they really can finish a portrait off beautifully, head on over to our engraved plaques page to see some examples of plaques we have had engraved for clients over the years. The two options are a brushed or mirrored finish in either silver or bronze. Frames are available for our UK clients.


Step 4 - Final Photos and Shipping

Dog Portrait

When the portrait is complete we will send final photos of the portrait for you to view. You can let us know if there are any final tweaks to be made. We then frame your portrait (if ordered) and take photos for you to view prior to packing.

We pack our dog portraits extremely well. We have been sending portraits worldwide for 24 years, we have honed our packing skills down to a fine art! Our portraits travel all around the globe so it is imperative to pack them well to keep them safe.

The portraits are wrapped in cellophane and then foam wrap just to keep it all protected. The next layer is the hardboard and this is the most important layer. As each painting and drawing is a different size, we need to cut the board bespoke for each packaging. We wrap the portrait in the foam wrap.

The last stage is to pack the portrait into a double walled cardboard box. They are great to keep everything in place. Our portraits are sent via a courier on an expedited tracked service and clients can follow the tracking online.


Dog Portraits FAQ's - Your Dog Portraits Questions Answered

What are your dog portraits prices?

Our dog portraits prices page can be accessed from our top navigation. You can also contact us from this page and read about our gift voucher service too.

How long do your dog portraits take?

Both Nicholas and myself have waiting lists for our dog portraits. If you would like a portrait for a specific date, please let us know as soon as possible. If we cannot meet your deadline our service Gift Vouchers might be a good option.

Do you ship worldwide?

Our dog portraits are sent far and wide all over the world. It is wonderful to converse with clients and hear about clients local area and where they live. We have become firm friends with many of our clients and its wonderful to know lovely, friendly people from all walks of life.

Do you work from photos?

We only work from photos. Photos of your dogs are absolutely key in the commissioning process. We ideally need one or two really good quality photos to work from of your dogs for the main pose of the portrait and can use others for colour and detail. The better quality your dog photos, the better your dog portrait will be. Why not head over to our photography tips page and find out about the kind of photos we like to work from.

Can you take photos of my dog?

If you are in the UK and would like to visit our studio, you are more than welcome. We have a very safe and secure garden for your dogs to roam around in and if you have any questions about visiting just drop us a line. We can do a photo shoot with them outside and you can come into our studio for a cuppa. We can take then a look at the photos on the computer and choose which you feel would work best for your dog portrait and chat about its design. We do have Chickens in our garden, so if you feel your dog would not get on with them, let us know and we will put them away safely.

How many photos should I take / send?

If you are taking your own photos for your dog portrait, our advice is always to take as many as you possibly can. Try to use a good quality camera or phone if you have one. I would recommend taking a good long photoshoot of about 40 photos of each dog. It sounds a lot, however I can guarantee you will get the perfect photo. Take your photos outside, getting down on the dogs level and keep them fairly close in the frame. Try to walk towards your dog, rather then zooming in when using a mobile as this degrades the photos quality. Why not pop over to our photography tips page as it will give you all of the information you need.

Can you paint multiple dogs?

We can paint or draw as many dogs as you would like in your dog portrait. If you would like a bespoke quote, you are more than welcome to email us your photos along with your requirements. Don't forget the more dogs you have in the portrait, the bigger your portrait will need to be.

I have three dogs but no photos of them together?

In actual fact, we much prefer to see single photos of your dogs to work from. Sending a group photo of the dogs can be helpful for us to see size differences between them all, however it's not imperative. We rely on our clients to give us feedback when we create the design of the portrait and so everything is arrange before any work starts.

Can I see a design of my portrait before starting?

We will always email you a design / mockup of how your dog portrait will look before any artwork is started. We use your photos to create the design / mock up in the computer.

When do I make payment?

A deposit will secure a place in our commissions list. Once your portrait has risen to the top of our list we will email you to pay the remainder of the payment. All payment must be made before work starts. UK clients pay via Bank transfer and overseas clients pay online via Stripe. We accept all major debit and credit cards including American Express.

Is there a charge for shipping?

Our dog portraits are sent worldwide and you can find general shipping prices on our prices page. Portraits are sent on a fully tracked express service with either DHL or Parcelforce. Prices depend on the size of the portrait and if it is framed.

Do your dog portraits come framed?

We work with some wonderful high quality framers and can provide you with a beautiful frame for your dog portrait. Our framers have access to thousands of mouldings in all different colours and finishes. Have a look at our Framing Gallery to view some of our previous commissions framed. We can also supply clients with gold, silver and bronze engraved plaques to complete their portrait.

Can I see my portrait before it's shipped?

All of our dog portraits are photographed and emailed to clients for their final approval.

It is possible to make changes once complete?

If you would like areas of your dog portrait amended, we can do this once we have emailed you the final photo. We hope that by working together with clients on the design along with them viewing the paintings progress via email, this usually eliminates any need for changes at the end. We are pleased to say we rarely need to tweak anything but are always happy to work with our clients if they would like anything altered.

Do you offer gift vouchers

Visit our prices and contact page to read about our gift voucher cards and how the process works.

Do you paint animals other than dogs?

We paint all types of animals and people, dog, cats, horses, ferret, sheep, pigs, parrots, budgies and more....! We have five dedicated websites for our artwork. It is a lot of work to maintain but we feel that if you are looking for a dog portrait, for instance, its lovely to be able to see a website full of dog paintings and drawings. Scroll to the bottom of the page for access to all of our other websites.

Can I order prints?

We offer our clients high resolution images of the paintings and drawings so that they can have prints made either via an online printer, their own local printer. Please email us for details.

Who are you?

If you would like to find out more about us, why not head on over to our individual about us pages as more of your questions might be answered on our dedicated pages in the top navigation. You can also read about Lily our Tibetan Terrier along with seeing photos of our Chickens. We work from our garden studio in the Welsh countryside and if you are interested in seeing where we live, you might like to take a look at photos of our Welsh Cottage which we have renovated.


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