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Dog Portraits Framing - Bespoke Frames for Pet Portraits

Welcome to our dog portraits framing page. We work closely with very high quality bespoke framers here in the UK for our dog oil portraits and our pencil portraits too. Framing is an optional service we provide for our pet portraits clients, being the final step in the pet portraits development. Framing is a very important part of our process. It is essential to use not only an experienced framer, but one who uses high quality materials and who is going to choose the right frame for you.

This is why we have searched the UK for framers that we feel are the best available to created hand made and had crafted frames bespoke for each of our clients. There are plenty of choices when it comes to framing and we are more than happy to work with you to get the perfect result. Have a look at some of our bespoke frames below that we have used for our previous dog portraits. If you are looking for something specific we have access to many different mouldings, just let us know what you are looking for and I'm sure we can find a frame perfect for you and your pet portrait!


Regent Frame

The Regent frame come sin two size, this is the smaller width for the smaller sized portraits and then we have a slightly wider version for the larger paintings. Both frames are stunningly beautiful. The finish is incredible. This is a hand made and hand finish frame and exudes quality. The wood and overall weight of the frame is heavy and you can just feel the quality when you hold the frame in your hand. The gold isn’t just one layer, there are many layers that complete the frame and you can see glimpses of the under layers when you study the frame in detail. This is what adds depth to the overall feel. The framed portrait of Keo below was completed with an engraved plaque too.

Dog Portraits Framing


Hampstead Frame

Our Hampstead frame is one of our most popular frames as it has a very traditional feel to it. This is another of our hand crafted and hand finished frames and the layers of finish that go into this frame are incredible. You can see the rich warm undertones on the edges of the detail lines and the waxy haze in the edges giving a very natural and aged feel to the frame. It simply is beautiful and works with all of Nicholas' oil paintings beautifully. This frame is suitable for having an engraved plaque too as you can see from the photos of Boone's painting below.

Dog Portraits Framing


Hampton Frame

Our Hampton frame is mainly for the larger sized oil paintings. Again another of our hand made and hand crafted frames. This frame has a very Art Deo 1050's feel to it. The shine and sheen on the frames surface is incredible and you just have to run your hand over the frames surface to feel how silky smooth it is to the touch. The frame has many layers of finish and you can see in a few places the rich undertones giving a little interest in the frame, its not a simple flat dark colour. There is a lot of work that has gone into this and our framers are pure craftsmen. The Hampton frame is suited to having an engraved plaque as you can see from the photos below.

Dog Portraits Framing


Highgate Frame

The Highgate Frame below is becoming one of our most popular frame for our dog portraits. All of our frames are made bespoke and the Highgate Frame is hand crafted and hand finished bespoke by our framers. It has a silky smooth finish that feels like velvet to the touch and a lustre that looks beautiful when displayed in your home. The gold colour is really natural and can be finished in different tones if required depending on your preference. Order this frame and you wont be disappointed!

Dog Portraits Framing


Madison Frame

The Madison range of frames are absolutely beautiful. They come in two colours, the slate is below and it also comes in a silvery gold too. The slate is our favourite and Amanda our framer couples the frame with a double mount comprising of a Hayseed cream coloured textured top mount and a dark charcoal grey inner mount. This really helps to define the pencil drawing and the frame. The whole ensemble is stunning and you wont be disappointed that’s for sure!

Dog Portraits Framing



The Kensington frame is simply stunning! It will definitely make a statement in any room and looks like a frame that you would find in a stately home. The frame is bespoke handmade and hand finished with an aged effect. Frames can be finished in a variety of ways so if you wanted this frame with a more bronze feel, or a lighter aged feel - or even painted using farrow and ball colours, our framers can do this for you.

Dog Portraits Framing


Knightsbridge Gold

We started to use the Knightsbridge Gold frame when we were asked to match some framing that a client already had in his home. Our client wanted his dog portrait to be in the same room and ideally wanted it to match his other frames. Our framers were able to very closely match our clients frames as they hand make all of their frames. Our client was thrilled. Over the years other clients have asked for this frame too as it is so beautiful. Our framers can create this moulding in varying widths and we have used it for small 12 x 10 oil paintings and wider versions for larger sized oil pet portraits too.

Dog Portraits Framing


Windsor Wash

Another very popular moulding for our pencil drawing clients is our Windsor Wash frame. We have used this on many occasions and it always produces stunning results. Our framer uses a double mount, the top being Hayseed, the inner mount can be any colour you desire. We usually choose a range from pale grey to warm browns depending on the pet portrait and its composition.

Dog Portraits Framing


Traditional Flat

Framing using our Traditional Flat frame is one of our favoruite traditonal wood framed and is also our longest running frames to date. We have been using it for around 10 years, both with the inner linen slip and without. You can see the cream colour inner lining in the photos below, this isn’t actually part of the frame, it's called a slip and it's added first before the main moulding. Slips are wonderful as they can be used with many designs of mouldings and add a buffer between the painting and the canvas. Its wonderful texture is very like that of canvas, so it works beautifully with oil paintings.

Dog Portraits Framing



Framing using our Sandringham frame is primarily used for our dog pencil drawings. It's a stunning silver colour, which is slightly mottled so that it shines in different lighting. The edge of the moulding is less mottled so that it has a slightly brighter feel which adds depth to the frame. We then couple this with a double mount using Hayseed mount above and a darker tone underneath. Our pet portrait below shows a pale grey colour however this can be any colour of your choosing.

Dog Portraits Framing


Langham Gold

Our Langham gold frames are simply stunning. It isn’t gold per se, it has many colours and tones ranging between gold and bronze which have a slightly distressed feel, revealing a deep rich under layer. It is perfect for our oil paintings. We have access to two different sizes so it could work really well for any size of oil painting along with our pet portraits pencil drawings too.

Dog Portraits Framing


Ornate Pewter

If you are looking for frames with the wow factor, Ornate Pewter will certainly give you that. It is another of our long running frames that we have been using for a number of years for our dog portraits. It works best with an inner linen slip as you can see from our photos below. The colours range from pewter with a shimmer of bronze and gold which adds a lot of interest. It is primarily used for our oil paintings however it could be used for the pencil drawings too.

Dog Portraits Framing


Windlesham White

Our Windlesham White frame is suited to our dog pencil portraits. It has a beautifully soft chalky feel, a little distressed and shabby chic. It works perfectly with the cream double mount in hayseed as shown below. It's a stunning frame for graphite pencil as it really allows the subject to be in full focus.

Dog Portraits Framing

Dog Portraits Engraved Plaques

We also work with a fantastic engravers in England who makes all of our bespoke engraved plaques. Clients can have as much text as they wish and plaques are available in mirror polished stainless steel silver, or beautiful polished brass. They are superb quality and have a really good weight to them. Each plaque is £69 and can really complete the overall package of your framed dog portrait.

Dog Portraits Engraved Plaques


We hope you have enjoyed viewing our dog portraits framing page and if you would like to order frames from us for your dog portrait, you are more than welcome to contact us at any time.


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