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Dog Portraits - Labradors in Garden

We are thrilled to be able to display a dog portraits garden painting by Nicholas of three beautiful Labradors depicted in their garden. The Labradors are Maco, Rex and Rosie. Nicholas traditionally hand painted them standing at his easel in our garden studio located in rural UK. We work here in between our woodland studio surrounded by wildlife and trees and it is the perfect place to paint. Nicholas uses traditional methods and painting techniques to create his stunning oil paintings. Scroll down the page to see the reference photos he used along with testimonials from our happy client. We would love it if you would be able to share our page using the social media buttons below and we hope you enjoy reading about this commission!

Dog Portraits Garden

Dog Portrait - Labradors Reference Photos

Our clients were able to do a whole photo shoot of their dogs in their back garden. This was important as they wanted their dogs depicted with a full background showing their garden. If you have multiple dogs that you would like us to portrait, it is important to take photos of each dog separately as well as some of them together. This way we can see them in lots of detail and see them together to help us see the size differences between them. We hope you enjoy viewing the photos below of Maco, Rex and Rosie.

Dog Portraits Garden Reference Photo
Dog Portraits Garden Reference Photo
Dog Portraits Garden Reference Photo

Commission of 'Maco, Rex and Rosie' - Labrador Pet Portraits

The oil paining of Maco, Rex and Rosie was commission by Katie Kopec (UK) as a surprise birthday present for her husband. Katie and her daughter Lizzie called our studio to find out if we would be able to paint their three Labradors in their garden and how to go about taking the photos for the painting. Our advice was to take photos, outside in their garden on a sunny day, while Andrezej was at work so that they could spend plenty of time with the dogs and their camera. Katie’s daughter then uploaded all of the photos to Dropbox so that we could download them and come up with some ideas and compositions for the portrait. After a few different designs we came up with the perfect composition, which you can see in the final painting. The portrait was a 20 x 16 oil painting on Italian Linen canvas, painted by Nicholas Beall. Katie opted for our framer to frame the painting and you can see photos below. You can also read a wonderful testimonial from Katie when her husbands received the painting on his birthday!

Hi Melanie and Nicholas
Andrzej my husband is absolutely thrilled with the picture and he is a hard task master when it comes to these things. His face when he opened it was sheer joy and he is really appreciative of the skill and expertise that has gone into it. You have captured each dog perfectly. Thank you so much, Regards
Katie Kopec

Dog Portrait - Labrador Pet Portraits Framed

Katie commissioned our framer to frame her portrait. The colours of the golds match well with the over all colour scheme and garden behind. We have many different frames to choose from, our framers make them bespoke for us and so we can always find the perfect from for you. Pop over to our framing page to see just a few of the examples of frames we have used in the past.

Close up of the frame Close up of the frame

Dog Portrait - Labrador Pet Portraits Packing!

We like to pack our portraits well and this is a photo of the portrait when it has been surrounded with our blue protective foam packaging and 'happy wrap'. The portraits are then wrapped in foam wrap, hardboard is placed either side and then wrapped in more foam wrap and placed in a cardboard box for further security. Our clients always have much fun unpacking their paintings when they reach their destination!

Close up of the frame


Labrador Dog Portraits

We hope that you have enjoyed viewing our Labradors in a garden oil painting and if you would like your Labrador painted, either in a garden scene - or elsewhere, we would be thrilled to hear from you. Why not drop us a line via our dog portraits contact page. Send us your photos and ideas for a dog portrait, we will be really looking forward to working with you soon!


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