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Welcome to our gift voucher page - Dog Portraits Gift Vouchers! We both work to fairly long timetables all year around and so it may not always be possible for us to create a dog portrait in time for your special date. We never want to hurry your drawing or painting. Artwork takes time, we make sure every single portrait receives our undivided attention. Every piece is traditionally hand crafted and we pride ourselves on capturing the life and soul of each dog we portray. This is why we have so many returning customers. It is also why our customers are happy to wait for their artwork!

Personalised Gift Vouchers

Pet Portraits Gift Vouchers

Order your gift voucher card below. All vouchers are personalised. Fill out the form and make the payment and we will be in contact with you within 24hrs of ordering.

Vouchers are usually our deposit prices, so £200 for a pencil drawing and £500 for an oil painting. If you would like to pay a custom amount please let us know and we can send you an invoice for a custom payment.

You can have the card sent to you to give personally, or direct to the recipient at their home address. The card size is 132 x 185mm (7 x 5 inches) and it will be sent First Class. We do not charge for the creation or postage of the gift card.

If you would like to ask us any questions please do email us at any time, or call our studio. Our contact details can be found on our dog portraits contact page.



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