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Dog Portraits - Gift A Portrait Vouchers

Welcome to our Gift A portrait page - Vouchers with a slight difference from other pet portrait artists! We both work to long timetables all year around and so it may not always be possible for us to create a dog portrait in time for your special date. We never want to hurry your drawing or painting. Artwork takes time, we make sure every single portrait receives our undivided attention. Every piece is traditionally hand crafted and we pride ourselves on capturing the life and soul of each dog we portray. This is why we have so many returning customers. It is also why our customers are happy to wait for their artwork!

Dog Portraits - Gift A Portrait

Both Nicholas and myself always like to meet deadlines if we can, however its not always possible. So our 'Gift a Portrait' service is always a good fall back option for our clients. It means that we can arrange a dog portrait with you, from deciding on photos, the size of artwork, if you would like it in oils or pencil, design of the portrait, payment etc and we can then position you in our Gift a Portrait commissions list.

If you would like to show or give the recipient something on their day, we can email you a personalised digital image, similar to the one below. This means you can show the recipient on a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile.....or print on your home printer to present on the special day. You can even get creative and put it in a pretty envelope or presentation box with ribbon. This option is great if you wish to personalise it further by adding cards and letters from friends and family who might be joining you in a group gift. An example of a 'Gift A Portrait' image is of Olly and Bailey below.

Gift A Portrait

An advantage for a special someone recieving this, is that they can have full input into the compostion of their dog portrait. They may wish to choose a differnt photo or a differnt frame. They might like to choose their own wording on the engraved plaque for instance.

Another service we provide as standard is watching your dog portrait come to life via email. We take photos at each stage and email them to you to keep. We then post everything when complete to our 'Art Studio Blog'. With paintings that are already completed, recipients often miss out on this part of our process. Take a look at our blog to see what we are doing today, along with general news from our studio. On The Easel »

If you feel ready to go ahead with a dog portrait and would like us to create a bespoke image for you, please email us from our dog portraits contact page. Email us your dog photos and we can make arrangements for you.

If you are unable to take a perfect photo for the commission, email us what you have and we will use them as a starting point. We can then arrange all details and design with the lucky recipient when they receive their surprise on their special day.

To save your space in our Gift A Portraits commissions list we ask for a £200 deposit for the pencil drawings and £500 for the oil paintings. As soon as we have arranged the dog portraits details with you, we will send you a link via email to make payment using Worldpay, our payment provider. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. We are looking forward to working with you and seeing your photos soon!


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