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Dog Portraits Materials

Welcome to our dog portraits materials page! We thought it might be a good idea to show our clients the kind of materials we like to use to create our dog portraits in pencil and oil. We have been painting and drawing for over 20 years and so time has allowed us to experiment with different materials and mediums. We have been able to really hone our skills in how to use our chosen materials for our dog portraits.


Dog Pencil Portraits Materials

Starting with my pencil drawing materials and I use a variety of pencils for my dog portraits. Due to my drawings being fine and detailed, I use only the best quality pencils. I look for a smooth fine line in a graphite pencil without any grittiness in the graphite. My favourite graphite pencils are made by Derwent, Mars Lumigraph and Faber Castell.

I use a wide range of pencil grades too, ranging from hard to soft leads. I sometimes use a clutch pencil too, also known as a technical, refillable or propelling pencil. It is just a long single piece of graphite, spring loaded in a pencil holder and you don’t have to sharpen it. You click the button at the top and more graphite magically appears at the tip. It's very handy for fine lines and I have a few different grades to choose from.

The photo below shows one of my pencil storage jugs (I love pretty coloured jugs and pots!) with a few of my pencils. I also use a hand wound pencil sharpener made by Helix which is completely old school, however perfect for getting sharp points for fine detail which is essential for my style of drawing.

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I draw all of my portraits on Italian hot pressed papers which are beautiful to work on. I have taken a photo of one of my sheets of paper below as it is so lovely. I purchase it in large sheets from Jackson Art who I thoroughly recommend for art materials. I don’t think we use any other shop for purchasing our art supplies. It comes in full imperial sheets with two deckled edges and a watermark on either end.

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Dog Oil Portraits Materials

Nicholas paints all of his oil portraits using traditional oil paints using a variety of brands, along with a vast array of brushes. The photo below shows just one of his pots of brushes and his wooden pallet behind. Brushes are expensive and so it is important to wash them out after each use. Nicholas paints every week day and so you can see some of the brushes are well used. He uses different shapes for different areas of the painting and for creating different textures. Obviously the finest brush on the left is a small brush with a sharp point for detail.

Dog Portraits Studio

Nicholas uses a number of different brands of brushes, however his favourite supplier other than Jacksons art is Rosemary’s Brushes. We have been purchasing brushes from them for well over 15 years and they are superb. They are very high quality and they provide a wide range of brushes to suit all mediums and budgets.

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Each canvas is individually hand made for each of our clients. We use a very friendly family run business who specialise in canvas making, they are called Harris Moore Canvases. They are the best quality canvases we have ever used and are made from Italian Linen Canvas stretched on Tulip hardwood stretchers. Our canvases are built to last and they are beautiful!!

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We hope that you have enjoyed looking at our materials. If you would like us to paint or draw your dog, you are more than welcome to email us at any time.


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