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Dog Portraits Studio - Pet Portraits

Welcome to our dog portraits studio where we create all of our pet portraits! As you may already be aware, my name is Melanie and I draw all of the pencil portraits and my husband Nicholas is the oil painter and he paints the traditional hand painted dog portraits.

We work in our purpose built art studio which is heated all year round. In the summer we don’t use the heating so much, however we live in West Wales in the UK which isn’t really known for its sunshine. It is renowned for its rain! Having said this, we do enjoy a wonderfully rich green garden as you can see from the photo below.

Dog Portraits Studio

Inside Our Dog Portraits Art Studio

It's lovely and cosy inside and we have an entertaining area for when clients come to visit which you an see below. It's a great space to take photos and videos of the portraits, as well as packing them up on the plan chest. We love our plan chest and it was the first piece of furniture we purchase when we were designing the studio. It was the perfect colour and style and we painted the colours of the walls to compliment it.

Dog Portraits Studio

The photo below shows where Nicholas works. He has an upright easel, a photography LED light above and he stands on a yoga mat to paint. He uses an iPad Pro to work from using a specialist tablet mount to secure the tablet near his easel. He has an oak kitchen trolley to house all of his paints, pallets and brushes, it has wheels so he can wheel it around where required. His area of the room is always evolving. He has had many configurations over the years and it's now a lovely place to work.

Dog Portraits Studio

I work on the other side of the studio as you can see below. It's quite spacious as I need to scan all of the artwork on the scanner and pack the paintings and frame them on the plan chest. I also need space to do the yearly accounts and of course all of the website work on the computer. More imporantly you can see my drawing station on the right. It is a lovely place to work each day.

Dog Portraits Studio

Both Nicholas and myself have specialist lighting to work by. As mentioned, we live in Wales and the winters here are pretty rainy and dark so it is imperative to have good lighting to work by. The panels are LED's and are quite pricey, but worth every penny. On my side I have twinkle lighting too. Perfect to cheer everyone up on a dreary winters day!

Dog Portraits Studio

We hope that you have enjoyed viewing our studio. If you would like to find out about the materials we use, head on over to our Dog Portraits Materials.


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