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Entlebucher Mountain Dog Portraits

Meet the absolutely gorgeous Lance who is an Entlebucher Mountain Dog. This is the second Entlebucher Mountain dog that we have portrayed, and they have such a lovely and wonderful personality and character, they are a joy to paint and draw. The oil painting below was created by Nicholas Beall, traditionally hand painted in our studio. All of our portraits are traditionally hand drawn and painted and every client receives stages of the painting in its development via email. Scroll down to read about the commission and view some wonderful photos from our clients when they received the painting of Lance. If you can also use our buttons to share this page and the portrait we would be really thrilled!

Entlebucher Mountain Dog Portraits

Commission of 'Lance' - Entlebucher Mountain Dog Portraits

Pet portraits reference photos

Jennifer emailed to ask if we could paint their family dog Lance, an Entlebucher Mountain dog, as a surprise present for her fiancés. She had arranged to give the painting to him on their wedding rehearsal dinner. We were thrilled to be part of their special occasion and soon arranged everything for her special day.

Jennifer emailed us some lovely photos of Lance from when he was younger along with some of him which were more up to date. Jennifer wanted him to be portrayed in his prime and their favourite photo was one where he was sitting on his deck in the middle of lots of wood shavings.

We all decided a simple green out doors background would work really well for him as you can see in the finished portrait. The portrait was a 16 x 16 oil painting on Italian linen canvas, traditionally hand painted by Nicholas.

Jennifer also wanted us to frame the portrait and she chose a lovely gold frame which we felt would match perfectly with Lance and the colouring of the portrait. Scroll down further to see photos of the painting framed. The painting was completed and sent in good time for their wedding rehearsal dinner and Bob, Jennifer fiance was delighted. Jennifer had a photo of them both taken with the portrait and you can see this below. Once Jennifer and bob were married and returned form Honeymoon, Jennifer took a photo of Bob, lance and the portrait just prior to displaying in their living room. We are so thrilled when clients take the time to have photos taken for us, it really makes our website feel unique and allows us to complete the story of the commission. Jennifer emailed us below when she had given the portrait of Lance to her Husband to be, bob on their wedding rehearsal dinner. We are thrilled that Bob loved the portrait and we hope it made his day really special!

I just wanted to update you on was a hit! I gave the portrait to Bob at our rehearsal dinner last Friday and to say the least, there were tears because he was so happy and emotional. Thank you so much for helping to make our big day special! I'll send more pics when we put it up on display.

Entlebucher Mountain Dog Happy Clients

The photo below is of Jennifer and Bob on their wedding rehearsal dinner, when Jennifer surprised bob with the oil painting of Lance. You can see that its still in its protective packing. Jennifer also took a lovely photo of Bob and Lance in their living room prior to displaying the painting on the wall. We would like to thank Jennifer for taking the time in sending these to us and also allowing us to use them on our website. We hope you all enjoy viewing them too!

Entlebucher Mountain Dog Portraits Happy Clients Entlebucher Mountain Dog Portraits Happy Clients

Entlebucher Mountain Dog Portraits Framed

Here are a few photos of Lance, The Entlebucher Mountain dog all framed and ready to send our clients. You can see the frame is slightly aged on the outer edge. The aged colours work so well with Lance and the inner gold colours match the green background beautifully. Head on over to our framing page to see more photos of Lance framed along with lots of our other frames too.

Entlebucher Mountain Dog Portraits Framed Entlebucher Mountain Dog Portraits Framed Entlebucher Mountain Dog Portraits Framed


Entlebucher Mountain Dog Portraits

If you would like to have an oil painting of your Entlebucher Mountain Dog similar to this, why not drop us a line via our dog portraits contact page and let us know your ideas. Send us your photos as we would love to work with you.


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