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Dog Portraits - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Portrait

Welcome to our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Portrait of Misty. It was painted by artist Nicholas Beall, traditionally hand painting dog portraits in oils using oil on superior quality Italian linen canvas made bespoke for each client. Nicholas works from his beautiful and idyllic woodland garden studio in the UK, painting pet portraits for clients worldwide. Nicholas has been lucky enough to paint many Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Portraits over the last 20 years however Misty is one of his favourites, commissioned by a returning client as a present for family. If you would like Nicholas to paint your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, you are more than welcome to email photos to us along with your ideas for a portrait at any time.

King Charles Spaniel Pet Portraits

Commission of 'Misty' - King Charles Spaniel Pet Portraits

Pet portraits reference photos

Heather Budsworth from the UK, was given a fully paid gift voucher for an oil painting with framing and shipping by her family who are returning clients, for Christmas 2014. Heather was given the full pet portraits package as a gift and was delighted!

Nicholas really enjoys painting King Charles Spaniel Pet Portraits and was thrilled when he received the photos of Misty, they were beautiful and so was Misty. Nicholas likes to see a number of photos of your dog when painting your dog portrait, so that he can get a full and rounded feel for your dog. The lovely photo Heather had taken of her King Charles Spaniel, really captured Misty well and Nicholas painted Misty in exactly that pose, laying in the garden with the grass and natural background.

He removed the chair behind Misty's head as you can see from the reference photo on the left. The colours and tones overall are very calming and our framer framed the portrait too. Heather and her family were delighted with the portrait and they took a photo of the painting when it was displayed in her home, which you can see below, along with reading some testimonials form them too.

Many many thanks for the painting it looks wonderful, I'm sure our family will be very impressed! Many many thanks  Best wishes. Heather

We are very, very pleased with the painting, looks lovely, thank you Many thanks and Best wishes Heather

Hi Melanie and Nicholas, Writing to let you know that we have received the portrait of Misty, safe and sound. It is lovely and we are "THRILLED" with it. Many thanks. Best wishes Heather

Hello Melanie, Attached is copy of the portrait in situ, as you requested. We are thrilled with the picture. Many thanks and best wishes, Heather

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Portrait Framed

We love being able to pair our clients with one of the three wonderful framers that we work with. We are kind of the 'go between' in helping clients choose the perfect frame for them and their home decor and then we arrange everything for them and get their portraits framed. We work with the best bespoke framers here in the UK which we have hand picked over the years. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Portrait below was framed using our gold dots frame. It works really well with the overall colours and grass background. We hope you like it too!

King Charles Spaniel Pet Portraits Framed King Charles Spaniel Portraits Spaniel Pet Portraits Framed Misty's painting in Situ


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Portraits

We would love to create a dog portrait for you of your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. If you have photos that you feel would be suitable for a pet portrait, why not email them to us and we can help you decide which would be the best for a painting. Drop into our dog portraits contact page and let us know your ideas for a portrait.


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