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We are thrilled that you have visited our Labradoodle pet portrait painting which has been hand painted by accomplished artist Nicholas Beall. He paints exclusively in oils on Italian linen canvas and his oil paintings are sent far and wide around the world. This painting of Georgie is currently residing in England, UK. Nicholas accepts a limited amount of commissions per year so if you would like your Labradoodle painted, please do drop us a line with your photos and we can chat about your requirements. Nicholas works from his woodland garden studio in the heart of the countryside which is perfect tranquillity for painting dogs. He would be delighted to hear from you and see your photos. Don’t forget to share our page below using the social media buttons provided!

Labradoodle Pet Portraits by Nicholas Beall

Commission of 'Georgie' - Labradoodle Pet Portraits

Pet portraits reference photos

Alannah Hunt enquired about our Labradoodle Pet Portraits in 2015 as she was looking into having a portrait painted or drawn of Labradoodle Georgie as a retirement gift. Alannah wanted to commission the portrait on behalf of Taunton School as Jane Barrie, Chairman of School Governors, was to retire.

Alannah worked with the Jane's husband in secret, to take some superb photos of Georgie and you can see the main photo we used on the left.

Nicholas painted Georgie at 16 x 12 size with a very natural subtle outside scene in the background in soft focus, which creates a very calm feel to the portrait. I have added a few photos of the portrait when it was completed. Jane Barrie and her husband travelled to our studio from Somerset with Georgie and we were able to take a few photos of Georgie with her portrait. I have added a few below for you to see. Jane and Georgie were also interviewed for the Somerset Life Magazine, and a scan of the magazine is below for everyone to read.

Labradoodle Pet Portraits Framed

we work with a number of framers for our portraits which allows our clients to choose the most ideal frame for them, their portrait and their home decor. Georgie was framed in our Traditional Flat frame which was the perfect choice for Jane and her old cottage.

The painting on our mini easel in the studio The painting framed in full A detail of labradoodle pet portraits framed A detail of labradoodle pet portraits framed

Happy Client Testimonials

We received some wonderful testimonials from our clients which you can read below. Jane and her husband bought Georgie up to see us when they had received their portrait so that we could take photos of her with her portrait. I have added some photos below for everyone to see, including a magazine article about the portrait and Georgie! We hope you enjoy viewing them.

Melanie and Nick, The finished article is just perfect and has captured a true likeness of Georgie. We were out to dinner last evening and everyone who saw it thought it was fantastic. I can't wait to see it in real life. We would love to come and pick it up and bring Georgie with us so you can see her.
With best wishes
Someset Life Magazine interview  Labradoodle Georgie and her portraits  Labradoodle Georgie with her painting 

Labradoodle Pet Portraits

If you have a Labradoodle and would like an oil pet portrait of them to display in your home - or you may have a family friend who you would like to commission a Labradoodle Pet Portrait of, why not get in touch and let us know your ideas for a portrait. Drop into our dog portraits contact page and email us at any time, we would love to hear form you.

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