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Melanie Phillips

Welcome to my about me page. I grew up on a smallholding in West Wales. It was an idyllic lifestyle, I played with the animals, roamed the fields, made camps, damned up the stream, made ponds for the ducks and a tree house in the yard. These days, my parents having retired, I have my own dog, chickens, cottage, husband and love exploring the Welsh countrside. The photo below is of myself and my dog Lily on Aberporth beach in West Wales.

Lily and Melanie

We have been living in our little Welsh Cottage for around 14 years and love it. The cottage is around 350 years old. There is a large inglenook fireplace and big old oak beams. There are no records that go back to prove its age and the garden wall could possibly be much, much older. We have done plenty of research, but it's full history may have to remain a mystery. We have renovated the cottage over the years and have now bought it back to life and made it a wonderful home. If you would like to see more photos of the cottage inside, head on over to our Welsh Cottage page.

Welsh Cottage

Our garden is a slice of heaven and it's the perfect place for a studio. We have lots of wildlife visiting our garden and we see a whole variety of birds, an abundance of rabbits, very naughty squirrels, Tawny owls and bats. The bats even come out in early afternoon to swoop around the garden, they are quite incredible. You can see mor ephotos of the garden on our welsh cottage page.

Cottage Garden

One of my hobbies is running and when I can I run with my freinds locally along the lanes and roads and then out and about in the countrside with Nicholas. The photo below shows Lily and I on the coast near Stackpole in Pembrokshire.

Tibetan Terrier Lily

As mentioned above we share our home with a mischievous Tibetan Terrier called Lily. She is with us all of the time and we take her where ever we go, she is truly part of our family!

Tibetan Terrier Lily

The photo below shows me bird watching and looking at the coastline on the beach in Devon. We love getting out and about with Lily travelling around to different beaches seeing the coastline and looking at the different bird life. This was a very quiet beach which Lily enjoyed running around on, although she isn't a fan of actually going in the sea!!

Tibetan Terrier Lily

Finally I thought I would leave you with a few photos. I love taking photos out and about with my camera, either my iPhone 11 Pro Max or I take out my SLR camera we use for work. Taking photos of sky and clouds are my favorite, and also macro shots of plants and foliage. The two photos below were taken early in the morning and the weather and sky's were amazing. The rainbow we just happened upon along our lane.. at the right place at the right time!

Melanie Photography
Melanie Photography
Melanie Photography

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