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Nicholas Beall

My name is Nicholas Beall. Welcome to my about me page. As you already know I am a professional dog portrait artist. I work in my garden art studio along with my wife Melanie. We are based in Wales UK and you can see a photo of us both below.

I studied art at aged 16 at Falmouth College of Art in Cornwall. I completed a 2 year Illustration course which gave me the time to experiment with different mediums, learn how professional illustrators work and experienced collating artwork for end of year shows. I then followed on to Bournemouth and Poole College of Art and Design where I completed another two year course studying Natural History Illustration. This was where I met my wife Melanie.

Upon leaving art college I was taken on by an Illustration agency where I produced illustrations for books and magazines, particularly encyclopedias and children’s educational books. However the work in this area was very few and far between. Photography was becoming much more prevalent in books and illustrators were used less and less.

Nicholas Beall

In my spare time I painted boats, harbour scenes and landscapes for galleries and cards, however I knew that this wasn’t my true love. So in around 1996 I started creating portraits of animals alongside Melanie and we teamed up in providing dog portraits for clients worldwide. We offered portraits in a number of mediums to begin with, however over the years we have narrowed down the mediums that we enjoy working in. I love creating oil paintings and it works well not only for pets but landscape too. With my knowledge of painting landscape and seascapes in Cornwall I am able to combine animals and landscapes for my clients. There aren’t many dog portrait artists doing this and I feel that this is one of the reasons why my work is so popular.

Nicholas Beall

Living in Wales has allowed us to develop our business in the quiet and peaceful location that we live. We have a lovely art studio which we built, it is fully insulated and perfect for painting in all year around.

I also share my love of art with a love of music, I play the electric guitar as a hobby. I also have just built a gym in my garden and so am very into healthy nutritious meals and keeping myself fit. Thankfully Melanie cooks all of our meals form scratch and so it hasn’t been difficult to steer ourselves into a healthy way of life.

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