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Pencil Pet Portraits Melanie Phillips

Welcome to my dog pet portraits in pencil gallery. my name is Melanie and I am a professional pet portrait artist.

I have been working as a commissioning pet portrait artists for 20 years. I specialise in graphite pencil and feel it is the perfect way of capturing an animal in a classic and timeless way.

I work in Wales, UK from my purpose built studio in my garden, along with my husband Nicholas Beall. Nicholas is also an artist and paints dogs in oils on canvas, also for commission. You can see his work here on our website in the galleries.

I have added just a few of my dog portraits in pencil below, however I do draw cats and horses too. If you would like to take a look at my dedicated website, head on over and take a look! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to drop me a line at any time. Pencil Pet Portraits »

The Portrait Kilo

James Witt, USA, commissioned me to draw their family dog Kilo, who has sadly passed away. The portrait was drawn at 12" x 10" size with a delicately shaded background to allow Kilo to stand off of the white of the paper. The portrait was framed by our framer Amanda using the Windsor Wash frame with double mount / matt in hayseed and slate grey. I have also added some photos of my working on the portrait and a photo of the drawing when it was complete with my pencils on to show scale. I hope you like it!

Dog Pencil Portraits


The Portrait Bea

Elizabeth emailed me some wonderful photos of her dog Bea in 2015 asking if I would be able to create a head study portrait as a surprise present for her husband. One photo stood out as being perfect for a drawing and you can see the photo and the drawing below.

Dog Portraits Dog Portraits Testimonials

Elizabeth very kindly took some photos of Bea with her portrait and you can also see her lovely testimonial below. If you would like to see more photos of pets with their drawings and read my clients testimonials, head on over to my main pencil pet portraits website - Testimonials >>

Hi Melanie,
We have had builders in, unfortunately for rather longer than planned, so I have decided to send you some photos of Bea and her portrait in the meantime. The picture is a perfect likeness of Bea and also a beautiful drawing in its own right. Charles loves his present and we can't wait to hang the drawing once we have our house back to normal.
All the best, Elizabeth


Bilbo and his Portrait

Tony called my studio enquiring about a portrait as he really liked my drawings. He commissioned me to draw his Grande Basset Griffon Vendeen called Bilbo. Tony has an amazing camera and had taken some beautiful photos of Bilbo. The photo we chose for the main pose was the one that you can see below centre. Bilbo had recently been to the groomers though and his hair was a little shorter than usual. Tony asked if i could add a few more areas of hair over Bilbo's eyes and nose to make him look more natural similar to the photo on the right, which wasn’t a problem at all. Tony took a photo of the portrait when it was framed and displayed in their home. I thoroughly enjoyed drawing Bilbo, definitely one of my favourites.

Pencil Pet Portraits

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I have had many happy clients over the last 20 years and if you would like me to create a portrait for you, please don't hesitate to contact me at any time >>


The Pencil Portrait of Floss

Lee contacted me in 2015 as he had taken a stunning photo of his dog Floss. It was one of those snapshots in time that only happen every so often. The photo was not only dynamic in composition, but the light in the photo was beautiful. Lee opted to have a 16 x 12 size portrait and you can see the final scan below left, a close up in the centre, a photo of the drawing with my pencils to show scale and the reference photo.

Dog Pencil Pet Portraits


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I have lots more of my pencil drawings for clients to see over on my pencil website. It can be accessed in the grey navigation above at all times. Head on over to view more drawings and to read my photography tips which use previous commissions as examples to help you with your photography, along with prices and information page. Pencil Pet Portraits >>