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Pencil Pet Portraits Melanie Phillips

Welcome to my Pencil Pet Portraits Gallery of Dog Portraits. My name is Melanie Phillips, I am a professional dog portrait artist.

I have been working as a commissioning dog portrait artist for 20 years. I specialise in graphite pencil, I feel it is a perfect way of capturing an animal in a classic, timeless way. I hope you enjoy my pencil drawings gallery below.

I work in Wales, UK from my purpose built studio in my garden, along with my husband Nicholas Beall. Nicholas is also a portrait artist who paints dogs in oils on canvas for commission too.

I have added a few of my dog portraits in pencil below, however I do draw cats and horse portraits too. If you would like to take a look at my dedicated pencil website, and see more of my drawings, head on over!

If you have any questions about my dog portraits, don’t hesitate to drop me a line at any time. Pencil Pet Portraits »


Stormy's Dog Portrait

The portrait of Stormy was my favourite of 2018. I thoroughly enjoyed drawing her! Mick's photos were very clear and sharp so it was lovely to be able to see Stormy in detail. Photos are absolutely key when drawing and then they are not only clear and sharp but compositionally good too, it really allows me to create a lovely drawing. The pencil drawing of Stormy was a 12 x 10 portrait and our framer framed the portrait in the Madison Slate frame along with having a silver engraved plaque made too which you can see below.

Good afternoon Melanie,
Storm arrived safely and everyone was stunned by the likeness. It’s as if she had walked through the door again. We have revised where we put her so I hope we have her in a place where she can see what’s happening and to time it right to come for a titbit if anyone’s eating.
Once again thank you for a wonderful likeness.
Dog Pet Portraits


Biscuit's Pencil Portrait

Another of my favourite commissions of 2018 was the pencil drawing of Biscuit. It was commissioned by a well known TV and Film actor here in the UK commissioned as a surprise gift for a friend. Sadly Biscuit passed away as you can read below, so I really hope the drawing brings joy to the recipient. It was a 12 x 10 drawing and you can see a couple of photos of the drawing with my pencils to show scale.

Biscuit is the wee dogs name, she was 14 and stuck by my friend through thick and thin! It looks great!! Jase
Dog Pet Portraits


Jenny and Fern's Dog drawing

The pencil drawing of Jenny and Fern was commissioned as a retirement gift for Gayle in Cornwall. The company Gayle worked for asked me to create a voucher for an 18 x 14 pencil drawing framed. Gayle was absolutely thrilled to receive the gift voucher and emailed photos of her dogs Jenny and Fern straight away to be drawn. I have added a photo of the completed portrait along with a photo of the portrait when it was framed in our Sandringham Silver frame. Gayle was really pleased with the result and you can read a lovely testimonial below too.

Hi Melanie,
Received the picture yesterday all in tact. Both my husband and I are very very pleased with it. It looks amazing. Thank You again for everything it has been well worth the wait.
Gayle xx
Cocker Spaniel Pet Portraits


Frannie's Pencil portrait

Returning client Ben commission me to draw their Beagle Frannie in 2018 as a birthday gift for his wife Marisa. The portrait was a 12 x 10 pencil drawing and headed over to the USA in time for the big reveal. Marisa, Ben’s wife, was thrilled and Ben emailed me a photo of the portrait framed which you can see below. If you scroll down further too you can also see Ben’s Beagle Blue's portrait commissioned a month after Frannie's!

Hi Melanie,
Just wanted you to know we got our Frannie portrait back in its frame. It is (for now) hanging in the place of honor by our previous portraits. I took a pic with my phone to give you a glimpse. I realize now I should take one with her and her portrait together! Soon! We can't stop staring at it... amazing.
Love your work!
Talk soon, always enjoy chatting. Thanks again.
Beagle Dog Portraits


Blue's Pencil drawing

If you have read about Frannie above you will know that returning client Ben commissioned Blue's portrait a month after Frannie's so that he could give the portrait of Blue to his wife Marisa at Christmas. They rescued Blue while I was drawing Frannie and Blue couldn't be left out in having his portrait too! Ben took a photo of Blue with his portrait which you can see below. We absolutely love his blue jumper which was keeping him warm in the cold snowy winter they were having.

Marisa was SO surprised and THRILLED with her drawing of Blue! She agrees that it captures him brilliantly.
I will send pictures when he is framed and hung with honor by his family. But until then, please know how very much your work is appreciated. She was showing snapshots of the drawing to family all day yesterday and it was amazing seeing their reactions. "Oh those eyes," "wow even the flash on his nose," that sort of thing.
You have an amazing gift. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Best wishes, talk to you soon!
Bealge Pet Portraits


Kiwi's Dog Portrait

The portrait of Kiwi is a 7 x 5 inches pencil drawing and I really love drawing the smaller portraits. Keeping my pencils sharp is a necessity! Sadly Kiwi was knocked down in a road traffic accident and the family were distraught. A very good friend of their family and a returning client Catherine, commissioned a portrait of Kiwi for their family to treasure.

Melanie, I am absolutely over the moon with this!!! It captures Kiwi's energy perfectly and took my breath away the second I saw it. Andrea will be so moved with it, THANKYOU!!! I can't thank you enough for working with me on this, it really means a lot and helps ensure Kiwi's spirit lives on.
Warm regards
Hungarian Vizsla Portraits


Kilo's Pencil Dog Portrait

James Witt, USA, commissioned me to draw their family dog Kilo, who has sadly passed away. I drew Kilo's dog portrait at 12" x 10" size with a delicately shaded background to allow Kilo to stand off of my white paper. Kilo's portrait was framed by our framer Amanda using Windsor Wash frame with double mount / matt in hayseed plus slate grey. I have also added some photos of me working on my pencil portrait along with a photo of Kilo's drawing when it was complete, along with my pencils on to show scale. I hope you like it!

Melanie, Looks outstanding to me! I showed this to my cousin - she started crying. Thanks, - JW
Dog Pencil Portraits


Dog Portraits - Daisy

Mary (USA), commissioned me to draw their families lovely dog called Daisy just before Christmas in 2015. The dog pencil portrait was to be a surprise gift for her daughter, she wanted it 20 x 16 size plus had many amazing photos of Daisy. Daisy's chosen photo was actually one that was featured in a calendar several years previous, sold at Barnes & Noble bookstore! You can see a final scan of my dog pencil portrait along with my portrait framed, plus a heart warming email from Mary below, its perfect to add here in my drawings gallery and I hope you like it too.

BREATHTAKING!   The gentleman at the framing shop couldn't stop looking and bragging about your portrait.  You are a very talented woman.  Left one of your cards with them.  I couldn't be more pleased, your work is superb. Once again thank you, couldn't be more pleased. Hope to use your wonderful talent again.  Mary
Pet Portraits


Deano, Ole & Neo Pencil Drawing

Nicola and her family emailed in 2017 asking if we would be able to create a portrait of their three Great Dane Dogs Deano, Ole and Neo. Sadly Deano & Ole had passed away, however Nicola wanted to remember all three of her Great Danes together. She had a few photos of Deano and Ole which I could put together in the composition at the design stage, however Nicola took a number of photos of Neo at the correct angle and eye level so he would fit in with my composition. We decided it would be lovely for all three dogs to be sitting in grass in Nicola's garden which brings them all together. I have added a few photos in my drawings gallery below of my pencil portrait, along with my pencils to show scale. It was a 24 x 18 pencil drawing on Italian Fabriano paper. Nicola emailed her reactions on my pencil drawings...

I’m literally speechless! What a fantastic job you have done, the portrait is amazing! You have captured them perfectly! It will be something we can treasure and look at forever! Thank you so much. Nicola
Dog Pet Portraits


Mike's portrait

Barry, from Victorian, Australia, sent an email via my website asking if I would be able to draw his dog Mike, his very special Border Collie who had recently passed away. Barry sent over a few photos of Mike, a stunning one of him as a puppy plus one of him when he was older. My idea was to show both stages of Mike's life in one drawing so that Barry could remember Mike when younger too. Barry was thrilled with this idea. He told me a little about Mike aloong with how he passed at only 8 years old, very suddenly over night, without any warning of being unwell. Such a huge shock for Barry and his family. Barry very kindly emailed me a photo of him with his portrait which he also posted on his Facebook page. I am so pleased that my drawing will bring comfort to Barry and remind him of beautiful memories he had with his very special dog Mike.

Thank you so much for your fabulous pencil drawing of Mike. Last night I was thinking how much I miss him - this morning your drawing arrives. You have done a great job. Regards Barry.

Hi Melanie, The more I look at your drawing of Mike the more I love it. You have captured his spirit. I cannot thank you enough for the portrait. Regards, Barry.
Dog Pet Portraits


Milo's portrait

Catherine Cave commissioned a pencil drawing of her dog Milo for her husband in 2014. They sadly had to have Milo put to sleep at age six due to an aggressive inoperable tumour. Catherine wanted to get a pencil drawing of her dog as a surprise for her husbands Christmas gift. I am always so sad to hear when dogs I draw have passed away, but at the same time, happy that I am able to bring dogs memory alive for familes along with giving them something to cherish. Catherine was delighted with her drawing and emailed this testimonial below...

Hi Melanie, How very talented you are! Wow - thank you SO much for the protrait it's perfect! Catherine x
Dog Pet Portraits


Judy's portrait

Returning client Joanne Flitcroft called me to discuss a pencil portrait of her families Jack Russell dog called Judy. Sadly Judy had passed away and her dad especially was missing her. Joanne thought that it would be wonderful to surprise him with a drawing for Christmas, however I was fully booked. Joanne arranged everything with me, so I placed Judy in my commissions list for a New Year start. We sent Joanne a mock up using our Gift Voucher service so that Joanne's family had something to see on Christmas day. They were thrilled with the surprise. Ivan emailed a wonderful heartfelt email which I have added below.

Hi Melanie,
The dog portrait looks perfect! Thank you so much. My dad will love it. I suspect will get a little emotional when he sees it.

Hi Melanie,
He absolutely loves it! Thank you so much. He hasn't stopped talking about it! Best wishes,

Dear Melanie & Nicholas,
Just before Christmas of 2014, my daughter Jo along with my family commissioned you to draw a dog portrait in pencil of my late dog Judy, who sadly passed away in January of 2013. This came as a complete and pleasant surprise when I received the mock-up of the portrait of Judy on Christmas Day - you could have knocked me over with a feather! When I received the finished portrait I was absolutely overwhelmed by the life-like appearance of Judy, who has now been placed in a beautiful frame. She will live in my heart for the rest of my life. I cannot thank you enough for the excellent quality of the portrait - it is absolutely great. May you continue to produce fantastic work of this nature. Thank you so much, very best wishes.
Ivan Flitcroft
Dog Pet Portraits


Aspen's portrait

James emailed photos of their stunning Boston Terrier called Aspen. James asked if I would be able to draw a dog portrait in pencil of him at size 20 x 20 inches in pencil. I was delighted! James and Meagan are from Texas and once my portrait was completed I packed up safely it headed over to Texas to be with James and his family.

Melanie Phillips, Thank you so much for the dog portrait of Aspen! James & Meagan
Dog Pet Portraits

Bilbo's portrait

Tony called my studio enquiring about a pencil portrait as he really liked my dog pencil drawings. He commissioned me to draw his Grande Basset Griffon Vendeen called Bilbo. Tony has an amazing camera and had taken some beautiful photos of Bilbo. The photo we chose for the main pose is below centre. Bilbo had recently had a visit to their local groomers, so his hair showed a little shorter than usual. Tony asked if I could add a few more areas of hair over Bilbo's eyes and nose to make him look more natural similar to a photo, right, which wasn’t a problem at all. Tony took a photo of my portrait when framed and displayed in their home. I thoroughly enjoyed drawing Bilbo, definitely one of my favourites.

Hello, I just wanted to say how thrilled we both are with the portrait of Bilbo. As you can see it is now framed, hanging in pride of place in our front room. Regards Tony
Pencil Pet Portraits


Banjo's portrait

Rob Donaldson dropped me a line via email to ask if I would draw his Border Collie Cross dog called Banjo in pencil as a surprise present for his girlfriend. Rob is based in Central Queensland, Australia and sent me some beautiful photos of Banjo on their farm in stunning Australian surroundings. I was delighted and very happy to draw Banjo for them. Once Banjo's dog portrait was received by Rob, he framed it himself using old fence posts from their farm! I have added photos below - isn’t it amazing!! It's the most unusual and stunning frame we have ever seen! We love it! I'm sure it was a superb surprise for Robs girlfriend and we cant thank him enough for sending us photos of Banjo's completed dog portrait. I hope you enjoy viewing it in my drawings gallery below.

Hi Melanie, Thanks so much for the portrait. I've attached some pictures of it framed up with old fence posts. I reckon it's spot on! Thanks again. Cheers, Rob
Dog Pet Portraits



Lee contacted me in 2015 as he had taken a stunning photo of his dog Floss. It was one of those snapshots in time that only happen every so often. Lee's photo was not only dynamic in composition, but Floss' photo and its lighting was beautiful. Lee opted to have a 16 x 12 size portrait, you can see a final scan below left, a close up detail, a photo of my drawing with my pencils to show scale and a reference photo.

Hi Melanie, getting excited now on the portrait of Floss All good, will be waiting in anticipation on Wednesday can't wait and many thanks again. Lee x
Dog Pencil Pet Portraits



This is a dog portrait of Betty, commissioned by returning client Lady Carole Bamford. I have created a number of dog portraits for Lady Bamford and my portrait of Betty below was for her secretary Emma on her birthday. As this was to be a surprise Lady Bamfords PA, Michele arranged to send photos of Betty without Emma knowing to keep everything under wraps! Michele emailed a testimonial which you can read below.

Dear Melanie,
Thank you! Betty's dog portrait is fabulous! Thank you Melanie Phillips! Emma is going to be thrilled! No changes necessary. Thank you so much.
Best wishes,
Dog Pet Portraits


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