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Dog Portraits - Rottweiler Oil Pet Portrait

Here is another of Nicholas amazing Rottweiler oil pet portraits. If you are interested in viewing the others, head on over to his main gallery to see more. This stunning Rottweiler is called Gir and he was traditionally hand painted by Nicholas using traditional methods in oils on Italian Linen gallery wrapped stretched canvas. The oil painting was commissioned by clients in the USA and you can read more about the commission below. If you are looking to have a portrait of your own Rottweiler painted in oils, please do feel free to email us your photos from our contact page today. Nicholas accepts a limited number of dog portrait commissions each year and works to a fairly long timetable however if you would like to chat to us about your ideas and requirements we would love to hear from you. Also don’t forget to share our portraits using the social media buttons below.

Dog Portraits - Rottweiler Oil Pet Portrait

Commission of 'Gir' - Rottweiler Oil Pet Portraits

Pet portraits reference photos

This is Gir (Gir von Hause Milsped) and Warren Johnson emailed us a few days after Gir sadly passed away in 2009 to enquire about his Rottweiler oil pet portraits. Warren asked if Nicholas would paint him in oils for their family as a lasting tribute and requested the portrait to be at a fairly large size of 24 x 20.

Warren and his family wanted the portrait to be around life size, and this has allowed Nicholas to create a beautiful painting for them. Nicholas thoroughly enjoyed painting Gir, you can see from the final scan above how much detail Nicholas has managed to get into the painting.

The photos that Warren and his family emailed were superb quality and this really helps when painting oil portraits. I have added some photos of Gir framed along with an engraved plaque, which you can see a close up photo of. The plaque says - USRC South Central Regional Sieger 2011 - Gir von Hause Milsped BH, IPO1, AD, BST, CGCw

It is magnificent. Thank you so much!!!

Warren Johnson
Von Warterr Rottweilers

Rottweiler Oil Pet Portraits

The photos below show the oil painting all framed and ready to send to our clients in the USA. We work with a number of different framers for our portraits and we can always find the perfect frame to match the oil painting and our clients taste and home decor.

Oil Pet Portraits Framed Rottweiler painting framed The oil painting on the Mini easel


Rottweiler Oil Pet Portraits

If you would like Nicholas to create a Rottweiler dog portrait for you, we would be pleased to work with you. Why not email us your photos and we can chat about your requirements for an oil painting. Head over to our dog portraits contact page and drop us a line when you are ready.


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