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Dog Portraits - Rottweiler Pet Portrait

Welcome to our Rottweiler Pet Portrait of Chewy. The portrait was painted by professional artists Nicholas Beall who has been painting dogs for commission for over 20 year. He has painted many Rottweiler portraits over the years and this has to be one of our favourites to date. The photo Nicholas work from was perfect, and it enabled him to include a lovely grassy scene in the background. Nicholas is experienced in painting background and grass in portraits, something that it fairly unique in pet portraiture. Many artists are only able to create portraits of dogs on a studio style background however if you take a look at our oil painting gallery you will see Nicholas is commissioned quite often for full background portraits. It is one of his specialities. We hope you enjoy reading about Chewy's Rottweiler pet portrait and please help and share our page using the social media buttons below.

Dog Portraits - Rottweiler Pet Portrait

Commission of 'Chewy' - Rottweiler Pet Portrait

Pet portraits reference photos

This Rottweiler pet portrait by Nicholas Beall of Chewy was commissioned by Tamara Baker, UK, for her husbands 50th birthday in 2011.

Tamara emailed us lots of lovely photos of Chewy so we were spoilt for choice as to which we could use. One that particular stood out for Nicholas was a head and chest photo of Chewy in their sunny garden which you can see on the left. Tamara didn't particularity want a detailed background however was thrilled when Nicholas painted the grass and start of the gate behind out of focus allowing Chewy to feel as though he was outside, but still being full focus within the scene.

Tamara also commissioned a pencil portrait of her other dog Bear and a print of Chewy's portrait. Both Tamara and her family were thrilled with the outcome of her oil painting, pencil portrait and print. You can also see photos of the portrait framed with engraved plaque.

Hi Melanie and Nicholas,
This is so perfectly beautiful – Nicholas really does capture their soul in the way he paints the eyes – truly talented. Thanks so much – you are both SO talented :)
Kind regards

Rottweiler Pet Portrait Framed

The photos below show Chewy's painting when it was framed by our framer. This is a commission from a number of years ago so we don’t have this particular frame in our range any longer, however we do work with very high quality framers who have lots of choice. Take a look at our framing section to see our latest framed and portraits.

Rottie Pet Portrait Framed with engraved plaque Chewy's engraved plaque The oil painting on the mini easel


Rottweiler Pet Portrait

If you would like Nicholas to create Rottweiler Pet Portrait for you or as a special gift for a friend, we would be thrilled to work with you. All we need are a few good quality photographs, email them over and we will be back in touch with some ideas for a portrait. Pop on over to our dog portraits contact page and drop us a line.


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