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Dog Portraits - Rottweiler Pet Portraits

We are thrilled you have dropped in to see our stunning oil painting of a Rottweiler called Kojak. He was painted by professional dog portrait artist Nicholas Beall who accepts a limited amount of dog portraits per year. Nicholas paints all of his Rottweiler portraits in oils on Italian Linen gallery wrapped stretched canvas for clients worldwide. He paints from your own photos creating all of portraits using traditional methods. If you would like Nicholas to create a dog portrait of your Rottweiler he would be thrilled to chat to you about this. Why not email us your photos and ideas today. Don’t forget to share our page using the social media buttons below.

Dog Portraits - Rottweiler Pet Portraits


Commission of 'Kojak' - Rottweiler Pet Portraits

Pet portraits reference photos

Whitney Wilder-McClain (USA) emailed in 2014 to ask about his Rottweiler Pet Portraits. She wanted to find out if Nicholas would be able to paint their stunning Rottweiler Kojak as a memorial portrait.

They wanted a life size painting and opted for a 40 x 30 oil painting. Whitney had a number of photos of Kojak but none of them were spot on, so we used three photos and amalgamated them together to create one pose. Nicholas usually likes to work from one main photo for the pose of your portrait, however in Kojaks instance we melded a number of photos together as our clients didn't have one particular photo of Kojak that was suitable. The photos have to be just right to be able to amalgamate them together and for this particular portrait it worked really well.

So we used one for the head, a two for the body for the portrait, one of the photos you can see on the left. Whitney and her family were thrilled with the outcome as you can read below. Whitney very kindly emailed us some wonderful photos that she had taken once the portrait had been framed and hanging in situ. We are so thrilled to be able to add them to our website here and are pleased that Whitney and her family are happy with their painting!

Happy Client Testimonials

We received some wonderful emails from Whitney when she saw the oil painting of Kojak and she also emailed us photos of the painting when it was displayed in her home. We absolutely love it when clients send us photos - it really makes the commission special for us and we cant thank clients enough.

Hi Melanie and Nicholas! We received Kojak's portrait! I can't say thank you enough for the incredible job done by Nicholas. It is absolutely breathtaking! It's just so Kojak. Looking at our portrait is just like looking right at a photograph of him. Everyone has been so amazed by Nicholas' attention to detail. I have an appointment with the framer tomorrow afternoon to pick out a frame. Once Kojak is framed, I will be sure to send pictures. I so appreciate your willingness to work with me on making sure Kojak's portrait was just right.
Many thanks!!

Hi both, Hope you are doing well! Here they are! :) It’s hard to take a photograph of his portrait that really shows how amazing it looks. So, the pictures really do not do it justice. It’s even more stunning in person. Thank you again for working with me and thank you to Nicholas for doing such a wonderful job of capturing my Kojak. Many Thanks!
Whitney K. Wilder-McClain
The oil painting displayed in the clients home


Rottweiler Pet Portraits in Detail

We often take photos of Nicholas painting final lines on the oil painting for our clients to see the detail of the portrait right up close. I make sure you can see his hand and paintbrush as it helps to give scale to the portrait.

rottweiler pet portraits in detail rottweiler pet portraits in detail Close up of the oil painting and brush Rottweiler Pet Portraits


Rottweiler Pet Portraits

If you have a Rottweiler you would like Nicholas to create a pet portrait of, we would love to hear form you. please feel free to email us your photos at any time so we can chat about your ideas for a commission, the size you would like your oil painting and if you would like a full body or head study portrait. Visit our dog portraits contact page and drop us a line at any time.


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