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A very warm welcome to our sheltie pet portrait - dog portrait in oils on canvas by artist Nicholas Beall. Shetland Sheepdogs (Shelties) are one of Nicholas' favourite breeds to portray and our portrait of Joey below is no exception. I believe it has to be in the top tier of his favourite dog portraits to date. Nicholas' Shetland sheepdog head study was painted in oils on Italian Linen canvas, using traditional oils for clients in the USA. Nicholas stands at his easel for many hours per week to hand paint his sheltie oil portraits for customers worldwide. He creates all of his dog portraits from clients own photos and has been working for commission for over 20 years. Take a look below at Nicholas' beautiful pet portrait of Joey the Sheltie, view our oil portrait in progress along with reference photos and some wonderful testimonials from our client!

Sheltie Pet Portraits by Nicholas Beall


Sheltie dog Portraits in Progress

All of our sheltie oil portraits can be seen being hand painted in progress on our Art Studio Blog. Each client, along with their friends and family can watch their painting develop on our blog as it progresses over many days and weeks. Clients absolutely love this service that we provide, although if you are concerned than the recipient will see their dog portrait online, its not a problem we can email you stages and then add them to our blog once the portrait has been received. You can read all about Joey’s final scan and painting on our blog - Sheltie Pet Portrait.

Sheltie pet portrait in progress
Sheltie pet portraits in progress
pet portraits in progress
oil portraits in progress
oil painting in progress
Oil portrait nearing completion

Sheltie Pet Portraits Reference Photos

If you would like to commission Nicholas to paint a sheltie pet portrait for you, why not email us the best quality photos of your sheltie as you have. Photo quality of your sheltie dog is key! Nicholas is unable to work from blurred or low resolution photos. We like to see as many photos as possible when creating your pet portrait, however Nicholas will always use one for a main pose for the oil painting. This way he captures 'your' dogs personality and character. You can see three lovely photos of Joey the sheltie below which were really useful.

Sheltie reference photos
pet portraits reference photos
Oil Painting reference photos

About the Commission of 'Joey'

Kimberly Bielan, USA contacted Nicholas enquiring about his Sheltie Pet Portraits. Kimberly's husband had recently lost his Sheltie and Kimberly was looking for a professional pet portrait artist to create a bespoke painting to give as a gift to Craig. This portrait of Joey was commissioned by Kimberly Bielan as a surprise for her husband. Kimberly emailed us lots of lovely photos and had one particular favourite photo that she wanted us to use of Joey sitting in the back of their car. She wasn't sure if Nicholas could use this photo as she didn't particularly want to have the surroundings depicted in their painting. This wasn't a problem as Nicholas was able to paint Joey in oils, with a studio style background, which allowed Joey to be in full focus without the distraction of the car interior. Joey's oil pet portrait was created at 18 x 14 size, which was a perfect size for Joey. Kimberly was thrilled with the outcome. You can see our oil painting in progress below, along with a final scan and a testimonial from Kimberly and photos of their dog portrait framed.

Happy New Year Nicholas and Melanie!
The portrait of Joey is even more stunning in person! After Joey passed away last spring, I searched for a pet portrait artist that would be able to create a sheltie portrait that looked like Joey. Obviously, by beautiful imagery on your website, I knew that we would be receiving a painting that looked like Joey.  What was unanticipated is how much the painting feels like him. Craig and Joey were together for 15 years and has been a great loss to our family.  Craig told me that when he opened the portrait for the first time it was as if Joey was looking back at him and that painting captures Joey's soul.  As I stated to Melanie upon seeing the first final scan of the portrait, it is beyond words. Joeys portrait is already hanging in our family room, and we can feel Joey's presence all the more now.  We love it and are so appreciative for the beautiful painting. I will be sending along photographs of our painting in situ, and I look forward to working with you both again! With Many Thanks, Kim

I've shown all stages to a couple of family members and friends, and all are blown away by how beautiful it looks. Just wanted to share! Thanks! Kim

It is beyond words. I'll give you some further feedback once I can think of something clever. Absolutely stunning. Kim

Sheltie Portrait In Detail

Photos of our sheltie head study of Joey below show just how much fine detail Nicholas adds into his oil paintings of dogs. You can also see his tiny paintbrush in there on the portrait itself to show scale. You may see our camera has captured shine on the canvas however when ever you see this in our photos, it's only how our camera has taken a photo where light was hitting. Viewing the oil portrait in our studio under normal lighting shows Nicholas' painting much more naturally. Nicholas uses a very strong LED photography light so that he can see everything really clearly!

Sheltie portraits in detail pet portraits close up


Sheltie Portrait Framed

Before packing the Sheltie oil portrait I took photos of it when it was framed and ready to send to our clients in the USA. Our clients chose one of our most popular frames in our range called the 'Traditional Flat Frame'. We absolutely love this moulding and it is perfect for any traditionally decorated home - and our dog portraits too! If you are interested in seeing more of our pet portraits framed, you can take a look at our dog portraits framing page which shows lots of previously commissioned dog portraits Nicholas has painted over the last few years.

Sheltie portrait framed Sheltie pet portraits framed The frame in more detail



Sheltie Pet Portrait

Do you have a sheltie similar dog to Joey that you would like to have a pet portrait of? If you have dog photos that you think are good enough to paint from, drop us a line with them and we can chat about your options. Pop on over to our dog portraits contact page and drop us a line today.

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