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Shih Tzu Pet Portrait

Welcome to the beautiful Shih Tzu Pet Portrait of Dora and Dolly. Nicholas traditionally hand paints all of his oil paintings on to professionally stretched Italian Linen canvas in fine grain. All of our canvases are made bespoke for each client when they commission us. We are able to have any size of canvas made so if you are looking at having a specific size painting for your collection or perhaps you would like it central over your fireplace just let us know the dimensions and we can paint to this size for you. We hope that you enjoy reading about the commission of Dora and Dolly below and we would love it if you would share this page on social media by using the buttons below.

Shih Tzu Pet Portrait

About the Commission of Shih Tzus 'Dora And Dolly'

Shih Tzu Pet Portrait reference photos

We have been creating portraits for Lady Bamford for a few years and this oil painting is of her beautiful Shih Tzu's Dora and Dolly. It resides in her private collection. You can see the original photo of Dora and Dolly on the top left with them sitting on a Royal blue colour chair. The photo below is our mock up to show Lady Bamford the colour scheme that we proposed. If we had of used the Royal blue colour in the original photo, the overall portrait might have felt a little cold. We wanted to bring warmth into the scene using rich browns and umbers.

Lady Bamford was thrilled with the mock up and gave us the go ahead to complete the portrait. Nicholas traditionally hand painted Dora and Dolly at 16 x 12 size on fine grain Italian linen canvas in oils. Our canvases are stretched on a hardwood, tulip wood and are superb quality.

Lady Bamford requested the portrait be framed with her own framer. We took photos of the portrait when it was complete and one whilst Nicholas was working on the painting which you can see below.

Shih Tzu Pet Portrait

Here are two photos of the portrait, one when it was complete with Nicholas's brushes laid very gently on the canvas to help show scale and a second photo showing Nicholas working on the painting itself.

Shih Tzu Pet Portrait Shih Tzu Pet Portrait


Shih Tzu Pet Portrait

If you would like Nicholas to paint your Shih Tzu's we would be thrilled to work with you. Why not email us your photos via our dog portraits contact page and tell us all about your dogs, the size of portrait you might like and the kind of portrait you are looking to have. We look forward to working with you soon!


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