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South African Boerboel Painting - Dog Portraits

Welcome to our beautiful South African Boerboel painting by experienced dog portrait artist Nicholas Beall. Nicholas is professionally trained and has been accepting dog portrait commissions for over 20 years. He works form his woodland garden studio in the heart of the countryside in the UK painting dog portraits in oils for clients worldwide. His oil paintings are proudly displayed far and wide in many countries. Nicholas accepts a limited amount of clients each year and is always happy to chat to a new client about their ideas for an oil painting. The commission of the South African Boerboel painting is just one of the commissions he has accepted and as you can see from the dog painting below it has been lovingly portrayed using traditional methods in oils. We hope you enjoy reading about Knuckles and if you have a South African Boerboel dog that you would like painted in oils on canvas, please do email us at any time. Don’t forget to share our page on your favourite social media platform by using the buttons below. Thank you!

South African Boerboel Painting


Commission of 'Knuckles' - South African Boerboel Painting

Pet portraits reference photos

This South African Boerboel Painting was commissioned by John Wardell in the United States in 2012. His dearly departed South African Boerboel was very much missed by all of the family. John sent us some amazing photos of how big Knuckles was, really big!!

John had a particular photo he wanted us to use as the main pose of Knuckles taken in the garden, however his idea for the oil painting was for Knuckles to be laying on his favourite beach with a sunset behind.

John provided us with a number of photos and some video of Knuckles and although we are unable to work from video, this was helpful to have and view. Nicholas painted Knuckles at 26 x 18 size and managed to paint Knuckles on a lovely beach, a place John and Knuckles knew well, which made the painting all the more personal. John had the dog painting framed with our framer and I have added photos of it when it was complete along with testimonials from John below.

Happy Client Testimonials

Here is a lovely email from our client John about the painting...

Amazing! Means so much to me, can't begin to tell you. John wrote on Facebook: "I couldn't be happier. I am loving the process unfold. Thank you"

Thank you for everything! Was a complete pleasure doing business with you!

Hi Melanie and Nicholas,
I meant to send an email letting you know I received to beautiful painting and how happy I was with the work. Currently it is hanging in my bedroom and we love it. Thank you for taking the time and asking what I wanted and most importantly, delivering as promised.
Warm regards,
John Wardell


South African Boerboel Painting Framed

We work with a number of wonderful framers for our dog portraits here in the UK. We only work with the finest framers who make our frames bespoke for each cleint. This means that our paintings can be any size to suit our clients homes and composition of their dog paintings. The portrait of the South African Boerboel below was framed using our Traditional Flat frame which is a great match for our oil paintings.

South African Boerboel Pet Portraits Framed Detail of the oil painting framed close up of the traditional wood frame South African Boerboel Pet Portraits The oil painting on the Mini Easel



South African Boerboel Pet Portraits

If you own a stunning South African Boerboel and would like to have an oil painting of them, you are more than welcome to get in touch with us to chat about your ideas for a dog portrait. Take a look around our website to familiarise yourself with the process and then drop us a line with your photos from our dog portraits contact page. We would love to hear from you!

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