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Dog Portraits - Cocker Spaniel Portrait

Welcome to our Cocker Spaniel Portrait. It is traditionally hand painted in oils by professional artists Nicholas Beall. He accepts portraits from all over the world. If you are interested in commissioning a Cocker Spaniel Portrait for yourself or a gift for a friend or family, please do get in touch.Let us know your ideas for a portrait and email us your favourite photos and we can chat about your ideas. Take a look at our dog portrait prices page for pricing and sizing information too. We hope you enjoy viewing our page about Wilf and don’t forget to share our page on your favourite social media using the buttons below.

Working Cocker Spaniel Pet Portraits


Dog Portraits - Cocker Spaniel Portrait in Progress

All of our clients can see the progress of their oil painting develop over the weeks while it's being painted. I take photos of Nicholas painting at his easel here in our studio and email them to clients for them to view. You can see some of the stages of Wilf's oil painting below

working cocker spaniel portraits in progress
cocker spaniel pet portraits in progress
cocker spaniel pet portraits in progress
spaniel pet portraits in progress
working cocker pet portraits in progress
working cocker spaniel in progress

Dog Portraits Reference Photos

We love to see a variety of photos of your Spaniel so that Nicholas can see them in detail. He only has photos to go by and the more you can send us the better. He works from one main photo for the pose so let us know which your favourite photo is. He can only work with high quality, sharp photos so take a look at our photography tips and tricks page so you can see the kind of photos we need to work from. We have added three photos of Wilf the Cocker Spaniel below.

oil pet portraits reference photos
oil pet portraits reference photos
oil pet portraits reference photos

Commission of 'Wilf' - Cocker Spaniel dog Portraits

Steve Hocking, UK contacted us in 2018 to enquire about our cocker spaniel dog portraits. Nicholas has painted many cocker spaniels, being one of his all time favourite breeds to paint. Steve commissioned Nicholas to paint Wilf at 12 x 12 size on Italian Linen Canvas as a surprise present for his wife Maureen on her birthday. Sadly Wilf had passed away however Steve had a few lovely photos of Wilf, one of which was their favourite and it was perfect for a dog portrait. Steve emailed when he saw the final scan and Maureen emailed when she received the portrait. You can read both emails below.

Dear Melanie and Nicholas,
Thank you so so much for this beautiful painting of my boy Wilf. Your husband has caught him to perfection - brought tears to my eyes to be reminded of what a handsome dog he was.
Thank you!


Thank you so much. Please assure Nicholas it's absolutely perfect!
Thank you for taking such care.
We're looking forward to seeing the final article in due course.
Best regards Steve


'Wilf' Framed

Steve asked if we would be able to frame the portrait and chose a beautiful frame from our collection on our website called Langham Gold. The colours matched perfectly with Wilf's painting. I have also added a video of the frame too. The portrait was completed with an engraved plaque which you can see below. We hope you like the final completed painting!

Working Cocker Spaniel Pet Portraits Working Cocker Spaniel Pet Portraits


Working Cocker Spaniel Pet Portraits

We would love to hear from you if you are looking to have your Working Cocker Spaniel portrayed in oils. Email us your photos and requirements for a painting and we will be in touch with some ideas for you. Email us from our dog portraits contact page and drop us a line today.


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